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A Terrific Tryfan Climber for Tranmere Park Primary School

We were delighted to partner with Tranmere Park Primary School, located in Leeds, to create a new star attraction for outdoor physical play.

Providing pupils with interesting spaces for active play is a top priority for the school and our Playground Consultants knew exactly which unique climber would be a perfect fit for Tranmere Park pupils.

Let the Climbing Begin!

Tranmere Park opted for our Tryfan Climber with Platform and Climbing Net. The triangular, timber climber certainly looks at home in the school’s attractive, leafy grounds. Pupils couldn’t wait to practise their footwork on the climbing wall and scramble up the net.

A class of children climbing on the tryfan climber

On our return visit to the school it was wonderful to see how well pupils independently worked together on their new equipment. Pupils entered and exited the climber from different points and showed fantastic spatial awareness. There was an excellent collaboration as groups of friends swung from the ropes together and helped each other to navigate obstacles.

Respect for one another was evident as the children made their own route through the climber, smiles beamed from ear to ear as paths were crossed and obstacles conquered!

Super Surfacing

Underneath the Tryfan Climber, we installed our long-lasting Artificial Grass Playturf with shock pads for ultimate comfort and safety during play. Our artificial grass surfacing looks beautiful and natural in the space. In fact, you wouldn’t guess it wasn’t real grass!

Children climbing on the climbing frame and a young girl is sat on the artificial grass surfacing

Pupils have really noticed a big difference compared with previous rough terrain. One pupil commented that they now have a great floor space for tricks and cartwheels! The new surfacing is porous and self-draining allowing equipment to be used in all weathers.

The bright colour and soft texture of our artificial grass certainly adds to the appeal of the space. Pupils are eager to climb, leap and roll, knowing that the soft surface will cushion any trips or falls. Learners now also have a comfortable area to sit with friends and take part in floor-based activities.

Building Strength, Balance and Coordination

The huge triangular frame helps pupils of varying ages to develop their climbing confidence, they can venture as high as they feel comfortable with, whilst still feeling fully involved in adventurous play.

Upper body strength is needed to grip the ropes and balance is tested as pupils travel down the incline beams. Both fine and gross motor skills are given a workout as pupils learn to grip the handholds and travel around their own carefully devised course.

6 children climbing on the balance beams on the climber, they are holding onto the ropes whilst they are swinging

The ‘secret space’ underneath the climber has been a huge hit with pupils. It can be used as part of imaginary games, as a meeting point for friends or as a cool spot offering plenty of shade.

A Tryfan is a perfect climber to allow pupils to assess risks. There are plenty of options available to children regarding how high, how fast and how much they want to challenge themselves. Pupils build resilience and determination to succeed when they set their sights on conquering a particular obstacle/route. Self-esteem is boosted when children achieve their climbing goals, which leads to positive physical and mental health.

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A young girl climbing up the rope on the side of the climbing frame in her playground