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Active Play at Uxendon Manor Primary School

The Customer

Uxendon Manor is a friendly, forward thinking primary school located in Middlesex. The dynamic teaching team provide high quality education for all pupils, creating independent, enquiring and collaborative learners.

a shot of the new tintagel outdoor play tower

Their Objectives

Head of Sales, Sam Flatman was delighted to work in partnership with Deputy Headteacher, Jashu Vekaria to create a challenging, active space for Early Years pupils.

A section of the playground was to be dedicated to physical development, encouraging collaborative play and fostering communication skills.

a shot of the key figures of this project, including cost, pupils benefitted and time to install

Our Approach

To create a natural look and feel, we installed Artificial Grass Playturf over existing playground surfacing. The area is now bright and appealing. Learners can make use of their new space in all weathers without having to navigate slippery, muddy conditions. A shock pad layer underneath the playturf adds an extra safety measure to provide comfort and cushion landings.

a close up shot of the climbing elements on the tintagel modular play tower

Reception class are now the proud owners of a Tintagel Modular Play Tower. This impressive piece is perfect for EYFS pupils with its suspension bridge and towers to explore. Climbing confidence develops as children conquer the net, ramp and ladder. Grip strength and foot placement will improve as children find their own routes whilst learning how to take risks.

The tower provides a fantastic social hub which games can be centred around. Imaginations soar as pupils pretend to be jungle explorers crossing a bridge or blast off into space in their rocket tower before shooting down the slide ready to explore a new planet!

children build their climbing skills on the get set go blocks- the mendips set

Through free play children will develop both social and language skills. Pupils learn how to take turns, develop an understanding of space and offer encouragement whilst forming relationships.

To complete their active area Uxendon Manor opted for our Get Set, Go! Blocks- The Mendips Set. These bocks offer multiple opportunities for open-ended play. Working together, using the hand-holds on the side of the blocks, pupils can reposition them to create their own unique courses, challenges and play set-ups.

children build their climbing confidence on the get set go blocks

Gross motor skills are greatly enhanced as children step, leap, jump and crawl across the blocks navigating different gradients and textures.

Another fantastic feature of the blocks is the chalkboard side panels which allow children to practise mark making perhaps by writing actions or numbers.

These durable blocks will be an EYFS staple resource for many years to come, used by multiple children during all seasons.

a little boy crawls on the floor underneath the the get set go blocks

The Results

Uxendon Manor Primary School now have a brilliant, outdoor, active space for their youngest pupils to enjoy.

a little girl practises climbing on the climbing wall of the tintagel modular play tower

Daily play times allow children to maintain healthy lifestyles and contributes to pupil well-being.

The school strongly encourage students to have a growth mindset and when observing pupils on their new equipment ‘Anything is certainly possible with Imagination.’

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