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The Bespoke Outdoor Classroom at West Denton Primary School!

A Superb Space for all Seasons at West Denton Primary School!

West Denton Primary School, located in Newcastle Upon Tyne, strongly believe in creating the best environment so that each child can develop their skills and talents to the full. Our expert Playground Consultant, Greg Gavin, consulted with the teaching team and together they designed a bespoke timber canopy that would maximise outdoor learning.

A Bespoke Build!

Although the available space was limited, we were able to design and install a 4m by 4.5m canopy, which exactly suited West Denton’s requirements. All of our bespoke canopies are made from high quality, play grade timber which provides a natural look and feel.

The polycarbonate roof and windows create a light, airy space, connecting pupils with the natural world around them.

children sit in the brand new canopy on the new artificial grass

A canopy may seem like a small change but it can provide countless opportunities for outdoor learning and creates a free flow environment between the classroom and the outdoors.

West Denton’s new canopy is completely water tight, providing fantastic shelter from the elements whilst allowing children to experience outdoor learning in all seasons.

Children sit reading with their teacher on the artificial grass

New Possibilities Await

Situated directly outside the classroom, groups of pupils can easily access their new canopy. The space is ideal for using larger resources, playing games and enjoying a great book together. At times, pupils may benefit from a quiet, calm space away from the classroom where they can consolidate their learning.

Children sit in the canopy on the artificial grass under the shelter whilst being guided by their teacher

Whole classes can gather in the canopy and it is also the perfect place for group work allowing pupils to develop their knowledge in greater depth and reflect on previous learning.

To make the canopy cosy and comfortable we installed our popular Artificial Grass Surfacing. With a durable, fleece-like texture pupils are free to sit, roll and crawl upon our natural feel flooring. Pupils at West Denton have been engaged in collaborative games: running, hopping and resting on their super soft surface selection.

children sit in a circle in the canopy under the grass

A Multi-Functional Space for All

A canopy is a fantastic addition to a school outdoor environment. Whether being used to conduct a nature and habitat study, for school clubs, as a meeting place or as an area for after school fundraising activities; the possibilities are endless.

The space also provides shelter for pupils during playtimes, offering a place to socialise with friends, play games, read a good book or create some inspired artwork.

a child dances in front of the camera whilst children sit under the canopy

Taking lessons outside can help to enthuse, calm and aid concentrate for some learners. When given time to explore and learn in new ways pupils can overcome barriers to learning and establish meaningful relationships with peers.

An outdoor canopy is a great spot for children to develop gross motor skills by moving their whole bodies, building spatial awareness and physical fitness.

the back of the canopy shows cladded sides and a window in the canopy

We were very pleased with the outcome of our Outdoor Canopy at West Denton. We know it will help to provide a wide range of learning experiences and encourage enquiring minds.

If you are looking to transform your outdoor play area, please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our amazing team members and start your journey with Pentagon Play!