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Active Play Adventures for KS2 at Woodlands Primary!

Action and Adventure awaits pupils at Woodlands Primary School

A world of adventure awaits Key Stage 2 pupils at Woodlands Primary School, located in Merseyside, with the addition of an impressive forest circuit.

Our Grizedale Forest Circuit offers something for all, with different entry and exit points and many exciting obstacles to conquer.

Staff at Woodlands Primary wanted to update their outdoor equipment by offering pupils a real physical challenge that supports their strong belief in leading healthy lifestyles.

The Great Grizedale!

Pupils imagine themselves trekking through the forest canopy as they cross the log bridge and scale the climbing wall. Balancing skills and upper body strength are developed as children swing, leap and wind their way through the course.

children run towards the timber grizedale climber

Inspired by the Grizedale Forest in the Lake District, the natural timber canopy, provides endless opportunities for whole classes to play together, learning to       co-operate and collaborate as they navigate the course.

The unique Grizedale Circuit has certainly captured the attention of pupils at Woodlands. New, imaginative games have been developed whilst children conquer the various pathways and different levels.

children run around on the grizedale forest circuit

The climber is extremely open-ended allowing access for all pupils. Possibilities are endless as children find new and exciting ways to use the trail whilst taking risks and learning to set their own boundaries.

a stand back view of the grizedale

Working as a Team on the Trim Trail

Keen to extend their active play zone, staff at Woodlands opted for a selection of Trim Trail items for children to utilise both during break times and within lessons.

Great speed and skill have been demonstrated as pupils’ blast through the Chimney Climb Traverse before moving on to the Disc Poles to practise stretching and grip strength.

a little girl climbs across the net traverse

Our Twist Net with Incline Beam has been a huge hit with pupils scrambling to the highest point. A set of Forest Pull Up and Roll Over Bars has encouraged budding gymnasts to hang, swing and even spin themselves over the bars, working a variety of muscle groups.

a child crosses the disc poles

Safety First Surfacing

New outdoor equipment needed a super soft, natural feel surfacing that would ensure pupil safety. Our Deluxe Artificial Grass Playturf can be used in all weathers as it is self-draining. The addition of shockpad tiles ensures that landings will be cushioned and a weed suppressant membrane allows for easy maintenance.

children climb over the twist net incline beam

Fantastic Pupil Feedback

On our return visit to Woodlands Primary, it was wonderful to chat to some of the pupils and hear their thoughts about the new equipment. Pupils spoke with enthusiasm about their favourite pieces, telling us how much they love the new active zone and how they have created fun, active games.

Pupils spoke with a sense of pride when stating what they could achieve on the various obstacles. They particularly enjoyed setting challenges for their friends, on the Pull Up Bars when asking each other how many different types of swing they can master.

We hope to have provided a fantastic outdoor adventure zone that will benefit the pupils of Woodlands Primary School for many years to come. They certainly showed perseverance when working together and are becoming extremely confident in their physical skills.

children climb all over the grizedale forest circuit

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