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Ysgol Parc Y Bont’s Playground Equipment

Creating A Playground Environment That Benefits The Whole School


With ambitious ideas for playground development in mind, headteacher, Iwan Wyn Taylor, contacted us to help bring his playground dreams to life.

Ysgol Parc Y Bont, located in Anglesey, wanted to create a stimulating playground through the installation of playground equipment that would benefit the whole school, extending physical play opportunities and enabling outdoor learning to take place throughout all-weathers.

Working closely with the inspiring headteacher, our playground consultant, Ian Wood, who is passionate about sports and fitness, presented a fantastic playground design that they loved! Consisting of one of our energising playground towers and a sturdy, weather proof Outdoor Gazebo, the design was exactly what Iwan had envisioned for his playground.

The Amazing Playground Tower


Since extending physical play opportunities and enabling children of all-ages and abilities to get active during playtimes was a top priority for Iwan, we installed one of our excellent play towers - The Bodiam Modular Playground Tower.

The tower consist of numerous challenges of differing difficulty each and every children can attempt and then conquer, including:

  • Three Large Deck Towers
  • Climbing Ramp
  • Vertical Climbing Wall
  • Climbing Net
  • Ladder
  • Slide
  • Timber Bridge
  • Net Traverse
  • Bubble Windows

Playground Towers for Schools

Encouraging the KS1 and KS2 children to climb, run, balance and swing through the tower, the tower develops their key physical skills such as, upper and lower body strength, fine and gross motor skills, core strength, balance and co-ordination through play. In addition, the children are building climbing confidence and conquering their fears through taking safe risks.

The young kings and queens attending Ysgol Parc Y Bont have been creating make-believe games as they use their very own castle as a focal point for their play. Who can run to the top the quickest, fleeing from the knights galloping through the land?

Playground Towers for Schools

Alongside the active and imaginative play aspects of the playground tower, there are plenty of spaces for storytelling, den making and relaxing away from active play underneath the tower and on the large desks.

Teachers at the school can bring stories to life as storytime is taken outdoors, engaging children in the tale being told, while they watch the characters come alive in front of their own eyes.

Playground Equipment for schools

A Weather-Proof Outdoor Gazebo


With the typical Welsh weather, it can be difficult to get children outdoors to learn throughout the year. This is why Iwan opted for a weather-proof Outdoor Gazebo, that enables teachers to take their lessons from the indoors to outdoors, further promoting learning outside the classroom in his school.

The hexagonal Gazebo offers children a dry, fresh environment to learn. As it features log clad sides, a decked base and our innovative work stations, children can take their books and pencils outdoors into the thriving, practical outdoor working environment.

Gazebos for School Playgrounds

Learning in the outdoor environment takes away the constraints of the indoor classroom as children are engaged in the lesson taking place, breathing a breath of fresh air. Sparking imaginative, creative writing ideas and enabling children to observe animals and the natural world, literacy and science are just two important subjects where learning is enhanced outdoors.

Moreover, the outdoor classroom also offers children a dry social space at playtimes and lunch times. Relaxing away from active play or simply resting and socialising, children can fully utilise the area during the school day!

Outdoor Gazebos for Schools

Iwan and the children at Ysgol Parc Y Bont absolutely love their school playground developments! They cannot wait to get outside each and every day to participate in active and imaginative play.

If you’d like to enhance your school playground with an energising playground tower or all-weather outdoor classroom, please feel free to Contact Us. We’d love to help improve your children’s educational play experience.

Play Towers for School Playgrounds