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North East

Playground Equipment In The North East

Across the North East, we’ve helped enhance the educational play experience for around 60,000 children through the installation of our innovative playground equipment.

In collaboration with teachers, the children themselves and even parents, we’ve worked hard to design and install incredible outdoor play areas where children can learn through play in a fun, interesting environment.

View all of the areas we’ve worked within throughout the North East and the wonderful playground environments we’ve created to target the curriculum outdoors.

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North East Gallery

About North East

Through the installation of our innovative, fun outdoor play equipment, we’ve helped change the educational play experience for around 60,000 children across the North East for the better.

Working alongside the children, teachers and parents at each primary school and nursery setting, we’ve designed and installed amazing areas, which are perfect for their needs and meet the objectives of the project.

Each outdoor area we have designed provides children with a fun playground experience where they can not only learn through play but can thrive in the fresh air as they explore and investigate their outdoor space with one another.

View all of our amazing playground projects we’ve installed in the North East on our North East Case Studies Page Here, telling the stories schools and nurseries have to tell about how their playground dream has been transformed into a reality.

Our case studies provide you with a practical example of the amazing playground schemes we’ve brought to life, including our market leading playground equipment products in use by the children.