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Check out our Brand New Freestanding Water Wall!

Calling All EYFS Flow Riders - this one is for you…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is our pleasure to introduce to you all

The finest, the brightest, the very best of them all:

The brand new Pentagon EYFS Water Wall!

What is it?

This is free flow, taking over the show

Young learners can go with the flow 

‘cause it’s just the right height for them to reach, Teach

To build their own watercourse, of course

To make and slot and stack and build their skills… 

a child plays with the brand new pentagon play water wall

Ok, microphone down before we get carried away…. we’re just very excited to share the news with you that our brand new freestanding, free flow Water Wall, designed exclusively for your EYFS learners, is now ready to go!

a child stands and pours water down the channels

Our top-talented Products Team have been on a mission to design a new version of our much-loved Water Wall - one that is easily accessible for the littlest of hands in the playground.

This new addition to our messy play equipment collection has been created to engage your pre-school and reception pupils in one of the most fun, most creative and imaginative kinds of play - getting to know the wonders of water!  

our products team supports a child as they pour a bucket of water down the water channels

What’s With a Water Wall?

A good water wall is a key open-ended resource for learning through play in the EYFS playground, combining independent sensory exploration with imaginative creation and curious investigation.

Crafted specifically to aid STEAM learning, this new product is made using a clear PETG panel board onto which children can peg different sized water channels to create their own watercourses. Let the fun begin as they pour in the water and watch it flow! Where will it go?!

a little girl stands by the mini early years water wall and pours water down the channels using a measuring jug

The panel itself can be perfectly used for mark-making, demonstrations and drawings to stimulate water-cycle education and to encourage inquisitive questions from your young learners.

Early learning of scientific concepts such as gravity (why does the water always travel downwards?) source to mouth and water cycles, floating and sinking, speed and direction, can be experienced and enjoyed in this fantastically fun interactive environment.

a little girl plays with the tray at th bottom of the new water wall whilst her classmates pour water down from the top

Special features of our new EYFS Water Wall include:

A removable, Stainless-Steel Basin for collecting and recycling water. This handy feature provides an easy-access water source for the children and helps to reduce water consumption during use. It’s a great practical way to demonstrate to children environmental awareness and the importance of recycling.

Sturdy, durable recycled Stokbord Plastic Brackets for the children to position as they select and attach their choice of water channels

a little boy stands at the mini early years water wall and pours water down from the top

A ‘Rain-Maker’

A Water Spout, Water Rapids and Water Stoppers

Integrated storage for Water Channel and Brackets

A Water Wall for Wellbeing

Our new EYFS Water Wall presents some fabulous opportunities for cognitive development. There’s plenty of space for children to play and work together as a team, solving problems, making decisions, and improving their social skills through turn taking and discussions, planning and sharing ideas.

It is an inclusive piece of equipment; the double-sided feature means that your pupils can play independently or with friends to re-route the water’s path. Watching the water flow freely is an extremely beneficial mindfulness tactic for little ones, and the sensory stimulation that water play provides can be particularly therapeutic for children with specific Special Educational Needs.

a little girl stands and pours water down the water wall

Physically, the EYFS Water Wall promotes essential ‘heavy work’ activity and gross motor development, through lifting and pushing actions as the children build their water course.

The Peg Board layout is ideal for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and accuracy in controlled movement - these skills are required to place the channels into position as children slot the pegs and brackets in themselves, creating their own routes for the water to travel.

a child stands and pours water from a watering can down the channel and watches as it runs

Playing with companion resources will further enhance fine motor development, handling and manipulating small world toys - boats, ping pong balls, ‘surfing’ block figures etc - to ride the flow!

Tactile, hands-on, practical play encounters - this is what makes the EYFS Water Wall invaluable for young children who learn kinaesthetically. Providing opportunities to use movement, to test, to trial and error in order to retain and recall information - these are captivating and memorable learning experiences at their very best, highlighting the importance of water play amongst children!

children stand and play with the buttermere water play package

Water Whatever, Wherever, Whenever

Suitable for year-round use, the freestanding nature of our EYFS Water Wall means that this product can be moved at your will and can be used as both an indoor and outdoor product - ideally versatile and adaptable to suit your freeflow indoor/outdoor setting.

And of course it doesn’t just have to be water that flows down the wall! Get the children’s creativity flowing too with sand, glitter, ping pong balls, coloured water, soap foam and bubbles, toy cars and boats - anything that travels!

We hope you have some super-splashing fun together!

a child stands and pours water down a water channel stand on the water wall whilst her friends watchView the Whole Water Play Range now and get 5% off until 17th June 2022 using code 'SPLASH22' in the further notes section of the online order form following completion of purchase. This will be applied to your invoice following purchase.*

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