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Our New Forest Circuit Climbing Frames

Introducing Pentagon Play's New Forest Circuit Climbing Frames!

We are very proud to introduce our innovative new range of Climbing Frames for schools: The Forest Circuits!

Our dedicated, creative product design team have been working hard to create unique, engaging active playground equipment to enhance children’s physical development in all areas.

Climbing Frames For Primary Schools

As a result of this, they have designed and installed three humongous climbing frames that raise children’s enthusiasm levels just by simply looking up at all the obstacles and exciting challenges featured for them to conquer.

The brand new Grizedale Forest Circuit, Delamere Forest Circuit and Puzzlewood Forest Circuit have been designed to look as if an entire log, rope and platform-based tree-top forest adventure assault course has been mixed with some clever design twists and climbing walls and re-assembled into a stimulating, energising outdoor climbing frame.

School Playground Climbing Frames

The Grizedale Forest Circuit


The biggest forest circuit of them all… The Grizedale Forest Circuit features dozens of crossing and traversing points that enable children to use every part of their body as they take on this humongous, natural challenge in their playground.

A whole class of children can use the Grizedale Circuit at once and because it’s open-ended and offers more routes than we can count, there is no queuing or waiting to use the equipment – ensuring as many children as possible are getting active and developing their key physical skills!

Children love the massive climbing frame! Their excitement level rise and they cannot wait to step foot outside and run towards the forest circuit to explore the Amazon Rainforest, swinging on vines and branches.

As children climb, balance, step and cross through the varied resources, their gross motor, fine motor skills, balance, proprioception, overall strength and core stability are developed – a perfect way to get children more active during playtimes!

Pentagon Play's Grizedale Forest Circuit

The Delamere Forest Circuit


Crafted predominantly out of high-pressure treated timber logs and reinforced ropes, our Delamere Forest Circuit is a smaller version of our gigantic Grizedale Forest Circuit. Although it is smaller, it still features numerous energising challenges for children to conquer.

As children step, reach, stretch, jump and climb, there overall body strength, cardiovascular fitness, gross motor skills and core stability is being developed.

Delamere Forest Circuit - School Climbing Frame

We have heard plenty of children encouraging one another to complete challenges or talking them through how to complete the challenge, which has been lovely to hear but is also further developing their social, communication and language skills through play.

As the whole structure is flexible and open-ended, children are able to manage risks, test their own boundaries and climb to their own limits within a safe environment.

Forest Circuit Climbing Frames For Schools

The Puzzlewood Forest Circuit


Like the Delamere, the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit is again a smaller version of the Grizedale. Although it features a number of varied, different challenges that do not on the Delamere.

This one of a kind structure includes a selection of obstacles at different levels to present an energising, natural looking climbing challenge; perfect for any school playground.

The equipment on this amazing circuit not only creates an enthusiastic, exciting atmosphere, it also develops the children’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, overall body strength, coordination and core stability through play.

Communication, language and social skills are also developed as children transport themselves to imaginary worlds, swinging through the forest like monkey’s and crossing rivers using the steppingstones.

Turn-taking is being practised as children wait for others to cross the obstacles they want to use or help those who may be struggling. The Puzzlewood has really enhanced imaginary play during playtimes!

As the Puzzlewood is flexible and open-ended, there is no queuing or waiting for the equipment, only joyful children running and jumping onto the equipment wherever they like.


As they can enter the active zone anywhere they like, children don’t have to be cautious about using the area if they have not yet developed their climbing confidence as they can climb as high as they like, promoting safe risk taking and building up their climbing confidence one playtime at a time!

If you would like to create an energising active zone, with one of our magnificent Climbing Frames, that develops numerous physical skills, please Contact Us. Our playground consultants love helping schools and nurseries create their dream play space!

Puzzlewood Forest Circuit Climbing Frames