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Our New Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment

Introducing Pentagon Play's New Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment

We are proud to introduce our exciting and innovative new range of Outdoor Play Equipment for Nurseries. And it’s quite unlike anything else on the market.

That's because, at Pentagon Play, our experienced product design team includes professionals who have worked in Early Years environments themselves, teachers bringing a wealth of knowledge and understanding of childhood development and Early Years education, as well as first rate technical designers and creators who cleverly bring everything together.

We are passionate about outdoor play and learning, and we believe that every child should be able to have fun in the great outdoors daily, no matter how small and no matter what the weather!

We have been working hard to create engaging outdoor play equipment specifically aimed at supporting both physical and mental development in very young children.

We’ve researched and sought opinion from nurseries across the country, both small independent settings and larger group organisations.

Download our new nursery products guide to find out more:

We’ve interviewed, listened to and discussed their needs. We’ve observed children at play, and we’ve had a fantastic time experimenting, putting ourselves in children’s shoes and playing too!

EYFS children grow, develop and learn best when they are moving. As kinesthetic learners our Nursery Products are ideal for them. Here is a glimpse of our seven newest products which we’re very excited to show you. We hope (we know!) that you’ll like what you see:

Get Set, Go! Blocks


playground equipment for nursery

Our Get Set, Go! Blocks are open-ended movable blocks, available in a great range of sets to fit any garden space.

They are made from a combination of play grade timber and environmentally friendly recycled plastic, covered in our soft and durable Playturf Artificial Grass. With a built in gentle impact layer, they are kind to little limbs as children enjoy stepping, climbing and leaping across them.

Holds on the sides assist you to reposition the blocks if you want to vary the course, and allow children to get involved with designing their own challenge too.

outdoor play equipment for nurseries

They also provide a helping hand to toddlers who are learning to pull themselves up to stand and walk, and because of the soft feel of the Playturf they bring a lovely sensory element to playtimes.

The Get Set, Go! Blocks offer a number of confidence-building physical challenges that will help children to improve their balance and coordination. Their versatile nature means they are ideal for achieving a number of learning outcomes too.

nursery playground equipment

Ideas For 'Get Set, Go Blocks!' Activities:

  • Developing vocabulary, action and positional language, talking with the children as they “step/ stretch/ climb/ jump/ leap/ crouch/ roll”, moving  “up/ down/ over/ across/ around” the blocks. Can you hop like a bunny or leap like a frog from one to another? Hours of fun with role play games and it’s all good exercise too!
  • Practising numeracy, counting around the course - one giant elephant step forward, two cat leaps across, three bouncing bears to get to the end etc.
  • Encouraging children to use chalk on the mark making panels, decorating them in their own imaginative style and developing their fine motor skills. Use the panels to write numbers and letters of the alphabet in sequence, and let children have a go at moving from one to another in order.

Walk and Talk Circle


outdoor nursery equipment

The intriguingly magical Walk and Talk Seating Circle comprises a set of moveable sensory seats built at three different heights.

They are topped with an impact layer for comfort and covered in our soft Playturf Artificial Grass, so they blend in beautifully with the garden and provide a novel way of inviting children to sit together!

Each seat has a tall timber back, with a combination of colourful, transparent polycarbonate panels, stainless steel mirror panels and secret peep holes for little eyes to spy through!

Creating a lovely informal and sensory seating environment, it is great for encouraging social interaction and group conversation.

outdoor play equipment for nursery

The tallest seat, which comfortably accommodates an adult, has inbuilt storage - ideal for nursery practitioners to use as a base for outdoor reading and group activities, keeping books and small world toys and props close to hand.

Conscious of our audience, the Walk and Talk Circle is not built just for sitting on! These seats are really sturdy, built to withstand climbing and arguably just as good set up as “stepping stones” for imaginary play!

Ideas For Walk and Take Circle Activities:

  • Taking Circle Time outside into the fresh air as much as you can. You can expand the seating circle to accommodate your group, with the seats around the edge, and cover the floor with a cosy blanket.
  • Use the chairs to encourage children to sit up in front of the group for Show and Tell, and make children feel special on birthdays and special events by inviting them to sit up on the “throne”.
  • Incorporating den making materials for child-led construction activities - children can weave ribbons through the holes, dress them with bunting, blankets and nets etc. This encourages them to use their imaginations and work out how to solve problems. Vary the type of materials you offer. Manipulating fiddly ribbons exercises fine motor movements, whilst lifting and placing bulkier and heavier materials works their gross motor skills.

Hill Den


pentagon play hill den

There’s a big green hill in our garden. Come and explore - it’s also a secret den!

Our charming Hill Den brings an interesting curved feature to your nursery garden. Covered with natural looking Playturf Artificial Grass, and with bubble windows to peep through and let the natural light in, it’s great fun for little Hobbits to hide in!

We have put some den-making holes within the archway entrance so you can really personalise the space.

They are perfect for hanging mobiles for babies, sensory ribbons, and for hanging displays of craftwork that children have created.

play equipment for babies

Ideas For Hill Den Activities:

  • Bringing babies out to the Hill Den to experience Tummy Time with you in the fresh air and natural daylight. We have covered the base in our Playturf Artificial Grass which is clean and soft to the touch, so it’s a lovely cosy environment for them. They will want to look up and follow the light patterns which is great for helping them to build muscles in their back and neck as they are learning to push themselves up. The little ledge makes it easy for staff to bend down to face them and offer gentle encouragement.
  • Setting up role play activities for toddlers - they will love peeping through the windows of their “own home” or even using it as a quiet space for a cosy story or a little afternoon nap.

Pinnacle Hill Climbing Frame


climbing frames for nursery

An introductory climbing frame designed especially for nursery children, our Pinnacle Hill Climber (which includes an option with a platform) is spot on for building self-confidence and all-around physical development.

It’s a non-prescriptive, low height, play-grade timber frame with steel reinforced ropes, offering multiple ways to climb with flexible access points. This flexibility really encourages every child to have a go at their own pace, without feeling intimidated or worried about how they might get off again. The post sizes are small enough to ensure even the littlest hands can comfortably grab hold of them.

Little monkeys will love climbing, balancing and swinging their way around the frame, building their core stability and improving their balance and flexibility, and enjoying some fun imaginary games too!

nursery climbing frame

Ideas For Pinnacle Hill Climbing Frame Activities:

  • Bringing fictional characters to life with some imaginary games, enhancing their confidence and creativity and developing their language as much as their physical strength. The finest seafaring pirates, jungle warriors and circus entertainers all have their place on this climber!

Gravity Table


Young children are fascinated to discover how the world around them works. Our Gravity Table is a hands on play and learning resource bringing endless opportunities for scientific exploration through messy, sensory fun.

The timber frame houses transparent acrylic surfaces for children to observe cause and effect from all angles.

nursery outdoor play equipment

A set of Artificial Grass Topped Steps means that every child can participate, no matter how little they might be, without slipping or having to be lifted. The drip tray underneath catches water and resources carefully and safely so the fun can begin again!

Ideas For Gravity Table Activities:

  • Taking it in turns to climb up the steps and release different objects down the table. Water and other liquids produce different effects and travel in different ways - experiment with viscosity and see what happens if you add in glitter, flour, sand, poster paints or anything else you can find!
  • Practising hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, inviting children to try and block the flow with different resources - a great ice-breaker!
  • Locating the table near to other products such as the Sand Table or Water Table, to make the most of the resources. Sand leaves residue and behaves very differently when it is wet to when it is dry - it’s fun to watch it travel and to feel all the different textures!

toddler play equipment

Water Table On Wheels


Water play is an all-time favourite activity in any EYFS setting. Our super sturdy and moveable Water Table on Wheels is an essential staple for your nursery garden.

Set at optimal height for young children, they will love being able to gather around together and reach the water with ease - no doubt creating a lot of splashes - make sure you have some dry clothes to hand!

Castor wheels allow you to easily move the Water Table to any part of your garden, then lock the wheels for safety.

water table

It has a lovely deep tray so you can fill it with plenty of water to last for the day. The expanding drain socket plug means is easy to keep clean and replace with fresh water as needed.

Ideas For Water Table On Wheels Activities:

  • Filling the Water Table with different tactile and sensory materials as well as water. You can change the colour of the water with paint or a few drops of food colouring. You can add glitter or sand. Playing with foam, jelly and slime, for example, are all stimulating and exciting activities for pre-schoolers and help to build up their confidence experiencing new things.
  • Altering the temperature of the water for added interest. Use ice cubes or add a jug of warm water. Discuss the differences between hot and cold, how they feel, and the effects they have. What happens to the water in winter when it’s really cold? What happens to toys left in the water?
  • Expanding their vocabulary with all sorts of wonderful language and concepts to explore and discuss. Pouring, mixing, sinking, floating - far too many words to list here!

Sand Table On Wheels


sand table

Our superb Sand Table on Wheels is a very similar design to the Water Table and comes with a lid with handles to keep the sand clean and dry while it is not in use. We even provide some play sand to get you started!

Sand is an absolute must for messy play time. It’s a wonderful material for small hands to manipulate and really bring on their fine motor skill development. It’s great for their imaginations too as there is so much they can do with it.

Ideas For Sand Table On Wheels Activities:

  • Offering a variety of containers for children to scoop and pour the sand.
  • Exploring texture - add water to the sand and see what happens. Is it easier to build sandcastles when the sand is wet or dry? Burying small world toys and letting children dig for fossils or buried treasure!
  • Teaching shape and colour identification by hiding different coloured toys, rubber bands, plastic balls etc in the sand and asking children to dig and find items of a specific colour or shape.

sand table on wheels

Our amazing range of Nursery Outdoor Play Equipment is available to view. You can also see some of the products in action on our Case Studies Page. If you would like to discuss how we can help improve your outdoor learning space at your nursery or preschool, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us for a free consultation.