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Our New Range Of Outdoor Musical Instruments

Introducing Our New Range of Outdoor Musical Instruments

Musical instruments in the outdoor environment can ignite all areas of development, whilst enriching children’s educational play experience.

Musical play is not just about stimulating the auditory system and providing children with sensory play activities, it also provides learning opportunities and experiences for children while they explore and investigate different sounds, rhythm and beats.

After months of research and testing, our talented product designer, Ellen Jameson, has developed our new range of outdoor musical play instruments for schools and nurseries.

playground musical instruments

Our new outdoor music range includes:

  • Freestanding Chimes
  • Wall Mounted Playground Chimes
  • Tongue Drum
  • Drum Seats
  • Individual Chimes

Read on to learn more about our exciting new music range including the benefits and features of each new product:

drum seat pentagon play

Freestanding Playground Chimes


Our new Freestanding Chimes are the perfect addition to any playground and will encourage children to explore the wonders of sounds and different notes.

These wonderful chimes have been tuned to the C major scales, which is the most basic 8 note scale and is often the starting point when beginning to learn about music.

We have  included the basic notes of C, D, E, F, G, A, B and on the back plate of the chimes in both note and letter formation. This will help children begin their understanding of music and help them read and recognise the different notes used.

While children strike the chimes during playtime, they will begin to recognise each note by listening to the sound. We hope children form their own musical bands with their friends and start writing their own music and songs.

musical play equipment

The chimes are freestanding, which means they can be moved from one area fo the playground to another, inspiring children to form their own orchestra as they are placed alongside other instruments!

If you are looking for the children to get creative, we recommend placing the instruments on (or nest to) an outdoor stage to encourage musical performances. A great way to encourage role play and improve children's self-confidence, spoken language and social skills.

For investigative learning, children can explore why the smaller chimes create a higher pitch sound compared to the longer chimes whcih create a lower pitch sound.

This high-quality playground resource is constructed from stainless steel and treated timber, ensuring they’re both durable and long lasting: enabling you to provide your children with plenty of cross-curricular play opportunities for many years to come. 

playground chimes for schools

Wall Mounted Playground Chimes


For those who may want to transform a plain wall into a fabulous musical play area or have limited space in their playground, we’ve created a wall mounted version of our playground chimes.

As the perfect introductory playground instrument, these fantastic chimes have been tuned to the C major scale, which is one of the most common key signatures used within western music.

Etched onto the back plate is both the note itself and the letter formation of the note to encourage children to begin to recognise each note and match it to the correct letter formation: learning to not only read and play music, but also understand musical notes from a young age!

Wall-Mounted Playground Chimes

Constructed out of high quality stainless steel, our Wall Mounted Playground Chimes are very durable and long lasting to enable many years of musical fun.

Outdoor Musical Play Equipment For Schools

Tongue Drum


More commonly known as slit drums, our Tongue Drum has been inspired by one of the oldest instruments in the percussion world, originating from Africa, Asia and South America, this fantastic musical instrument truly promotes cross-curricular play!

Many, many years ago, these drums were crafted by hollowing out trees before being played with natural forest findings. Children can explore musical instruments from different countries along with their history as they find out more about the past of this interesting instrument.

Moreover, they can participate in role play games, playing characters from long ago as they gather natural materials to investigate if the drums create different sounds when hit with other natural finds.

Playground Drums for Primary Schools

Our fantastic tongue drum has been angled to ensure numerous children can easily stand play the instrument alongside one another, producing soothing sounds as they calm themselves down: promoting good mental health.

As a freestanding instrument, that can be moved into any area of the playground, children can form their own orchestra’s when the instruments are placed alongside other musical items. Playing magical melodies togethe improves cooperation, teamwork, communication, language and self-confidence.

Crafted from hard Sapele timber, our tongue drum produces smooth vibrations in the enclosed timber box when it is struck by any object, with each tongue creating a different tune, enabling children to explore sounds and rhythms outdoors. Additionally, the drum features slits in the bottom so that it can be used without the worry of the enclosed box filling with rain water.

tongue drum pentagon play

Drum Seats


Perfect for inquisitive young minds, our natural-looking Drum Seats spark children’s creativity and imagination as they hit the top, sides and plywood panels to create different beats.

Based on ‘Cajon Drums’, a boxed shaped instrument that originated from Peru, our Drum Seats include a built-in snare to create the wonderful sounds you hear as children bang on the panels!

outdoor musical instruments

While playing with this fantastic musical resource, children can explore drum beats and rhythm as well as learning about the importance of teamwork and turn-taking.

To encourage children to perform together as a group, move the seats into a circle while others stand around listening. This is a fanastic way to develop communication, teamwork and turn taking.

Built out of play-grade timber with a plywood front, the drums are ideal and sturdy enough to be used as extra seating and are an exciting resource for mathematics and literacy as they count the beats or write on the chalkboard side.

Playground Drum Seats for Schools

Individual Chimes


Installed into the ground, our Individual Chimes will create a dedicated space for music outdoors.

The basic eight note scale is most commonly learnt first when beginning to learn to play an instrument and with the Individual Chimes using this scale, and tuned to the C major scales, one of the most common key signatures used within western music, they are perfect for any playground environment!

With etched musical notes and the equivalent letter formation, children can explore the world of music as they tap each chime and identify what each one sounds like.

Using the notes to play magical sounds to one another or alongside each other, children’s communication, language, cooperation and self-esteem improve. Moreover, independence can be further enhanced as children learn to replace items once they are finished playing; aided by a beater holder on every chime!

School Musical Playground Equipment

Installed as part of a playground scheme or on their own, this fantastic musical resource can be used to create a number of configurations: from a full eight note scale, a pentatonic six note scale to a C major arpeggio with four notes!

outdoor music instruments

Each and every product in our new range has been designed specifically for primary and nursery children to truly inspire the young musicians, while providing plenty of opportunities for fabulously fun creative play games in the outdoor environment.

With our very own, expert in-house product design team, we can ensure that each and every one of our innovative playground products contribute towards improving children’s educational play experience while promoting learning through play!

You can view our newrange of Outdoor Musical Instruments in more detail here. We would love to help create your dream playground environment, Contact Us Here to get started!