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6 Playground Activities For Sport Relief

Our Top 6 Playground Activities for Sport Relief

Get your PE Kit on and get ready for Sport Relief! 

As well as supporting and raising awareness of vulnerable people both in the UK and abroad, it provides an opportunity for schools to get involved with some really fun and challenging sporting events as part of the PE curriculum.

Many schools across the UK are already making the most of their PE and Sports Premium to reshape or reinvigorate their sports facilities, with improved design, playground equipment and solutions to make the most of the space they have.

Here are our top 6 playground activities for Sport Relief:

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Get Set, Go! Blocks

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1. Outdoor School Assembly

Use your school assembly time to promote the event, and to teach what Sport Relief is all about, with a series of “Moving Assemblies”.

It’s a great time to get children up and moving during a time when they would usually be sitting down.

Individual classes will love running their own assemblies with different sporting themes, and exploring the purpose behind fundraising and the people that Sport Relief is designed to help, as part of their education about the world in which we live.

It’s also a perfect time to take assemblies outdoors into the fresh air. Why not hold assemblies in your MUGA, playground or school field that week?

Get them up and dancing along on the spot as a great warm up to getting active throughout the day! Bringing everyone together to move their bodies and have fun will make the Sport Relief assemblies so much more memorable and really help to reinforce their learning.

school playground

2.Daily Mile Challenge

Use your Daily Mile Track to run a challenge for the week, or sponsored event to raise funds. It’s perfect for participating in the Billion Steps Challenge!

Depending on suitability for their age group, pupils can walk, run, skip or relay race along the track at different times during the week, to complete a challenge that they have set themselves.

Let them take home sponsorship forms as a way for them to take responsibility for raising funds individually, and then come together as a group to achieve their goal.

As well as supporting the event, it’s a perfect opportunity for helping children to building social relationships, develop a sense of belonging, experience the joy and satisfaction of achieving a goal and building their self belief through outdoor sporting activity.

daily mile track

3. Ninja Obstacle Course

Create a Ninja obstacle course across your playground using your Trim Trail as a starting point, and using moveable PE items such as hoops, skipping ropes, cones and hurdles to link through to other areas and equipment.

Include your Dig Pit or Sand Box to run through, and end with fishing at the Water Table if you want to include a real challenge with an element of mess!

Set time challenges and get children competing against each other to travel across the course, cheering each other on in true Ninja Warrior style! 

playground equipment

4. Outdoor Gym Equipment Challenge

Outdoor Gym Equipment is perfect for Sport Relief. Set a year group or whole school challenge to cycle, run or stride a distance.

Tie it in with a “Cities of the World” theme to teach Geography and distance at the same time, challenging children to travel from one city or geographical feature to another.

Encourage children to use their maths to work out how long each class needs to spend on each piece of play equipment between them to reach their goal. This too could be a sponsored event!

a birdseye photo of the gym equipment at fox hollies school

5. Marvellous MUGA Team Games

Make the most of your marvellous MUGA for a team games event - a football tournament, quick cricket, whatever you choose there is no limit to what you can do here!

Invite parents to come and watch and charge them an optional entry fee to raise money. Even better if you can include some parent participation to get families enjoying sport together!

a birdseye view of the green multi use games area

6. Arts and Crafts Medals and Trophies

Younger children will love an award making session using arts and crafts and messy play to make medals and trophies for participants.

outdoor play equipment

Whether they do this with real craft materials to hand out during sporting events, or through outdoor imaginary play using Mud Kitchens, Sand and Water resources - making “trophies, refreshments and healthy snacks” for the athletes - it’s a great way of getting the whole school involved with Sport Relief right from EYFS level.

Have fun! We would love to hear what you have planned for Sport Relief, and how you are using your PE and Sports Premium to improve your school. Contact Us to discover the most effective ways to use your sports premium to build a legacy at your school.