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STEAM Learning: The 'T' Is For Technically Playing

Create a Playground That Encourages Learning Through Discovery and Play For STEAM

Through the years, playgrounds have evolved vastly to mirror the progressions in technologies around the world. Formerly, an outdoor play area would comprise of unconnected play apparatus, for instance, swings, slides and a basic climbing frame.

Now, playgrounds are often divided into zones, with each zone aimed at a precise area of childhood development.

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In an age of iPads and games consoles, it is imperative for playgrounds today to be more inspiring and appealing than ever before. They must be relevant to encourage children to devote less time inside and more outdoors, actively playing and exploring.

In a tech-driven world, playgrounds require the added wow factor to be able to lure children away from screen time, to shape their overall development.

Technology and on-screen games offer children escapism into an alternate land. Playgrounds need to be considerately designed to be able to compete.

playground for STEAM learning

1. Themed Imaginative Worlds: Land Ahoy!


An ideal playground must be inclusive, well equipped and exude creativity by offering a range of opportunities for imaginative, self-guided play.  Themed Playground Equipment delivers a rounded education and playing experience for children.  An outdoor space, where kids can bring their fantasies to life, whilst being active.

Themed Playground Equipment

Play Ship


The play ship is niftily designed to let kids convert themselves into adventurers and pirates, navigating the seven seas. The make-believe wheel allows children to delve further into their imagination. Unlike computer games, they can immerse themselves into their fantasy world, whilst socialising and communicating with peers.

The Play Ship contains a scramble net, slide and ladder, so children can combine inventiveness with physical growth. Underneath the deck, there is den area for children to read, relax and recuperate.

playground ship

North Sea Galleon: ‘All Hands-Off tech’


The unbelievable North Sea Galleon playground ship superbly combines inspired and lively play. Children can take on the role of a character, bond with others and advance their fitness levels simultaneously.

Owing to its inclusive design, there’s something for everyone to appreciate whether it’s crisscrossing, climbing, role-playing, den-making or sliding.

Playground Play Ship for Schools

Imagination Station


The innovative and versatile imagination station allows children to skillfully transform the den posts into whatever they fancy: maybe a space ship to explore new galaxies and planets with their fellow astronauts. The Imagination Station is an open-ended design that lets children take control and lead the play. 

Imaginative Playground Equipment

2. Physical Development


As there is a growing emphasis on well-being and fitness from the government, many schools are trying to incorporate a variety of revolutionary fitness equipment into their playgrounds.

The aim is to progress children’s physical abilities, increase their fitness levels and improve their general well-being.

active playground equipment

Outdoor Gym Equipment


Looking back at playgrounds from our childhood, it would have been extremely rare to come across a playground with revolutionary apparatus - the mere thought of gym equipment in a playground would have been absurd. 

Yet, as the times evolve, there is a need for playgrounds to be more stimulating than ever before and inspiring enough for children to want to actively participate in the challenges presented.

Outdoor Gym Equipment provides just that. It allows children to feel like adults and to benefit from exercise in the fresh air.

The feel-good hormones released through exercise is a bonus; they can communicate with their friends, socialise and boost their fitness levels, all whilst feeling like they are playing.

School Outdoor Gym Equipment

Cringle Crags Climbing Frame


A contemporary take on the youthful memory of climbing a tree and inspired by nature, the Crinkle Crags Climber has the unique look of branches falling inwards. Our tremendous and inclusive climbing frame brings modernisation to the playground.

Children can indulge in open-ended play, climbing, navigating and traversing, whilst developing their overall physical strength. Beneath the frame, is space for kids who wish to take a break from active play or want to build a pretend lair.

playground climbing frames for schools

3. Natural Elements: Miniature Wilderness Explorers


By having a slice of the playground inspired by and to mimic nature with wildlife, assists children to appreciate and increase their understanding of surroundings. Natural Playground Equipment is the perfect way to mimic nature in the playground. 

Natural Playground Equipment



Playing is not an indulgence: it’s an integral part of childhood development. When playing, children enhance their understanding of the real world.

Planters are a fun way of teaching children about how plants grow. By being actively involved in planting, they can learn and appreciate life, whilst developing new interests.

planters for schools

Wildlife Area


Fit for little nature explorers, the Wildlife Area delivers a safe and fenced area for children to explore the environment and learn through investigation. It features a pond, planting areas, a striking mini-beast habitat, mini-beast identification sheet and seating.  

Kids can share ideas, thoughts and findings with their friends, examine and develop a higher level of cognitive thinking. The wildlife area teaches appreciation for the world around them and offers life-long lessons.

outdoor wildlife area for schools

4. Increased Sensory Equipment


Forward-thinking, sensory equipment delivers chances for all children to investigate and explore. A zone not only beneficial to children on the autism spectrum and those with sensory processing difficulties but for every youngster, to advance their cognitive development and integrate information perceived by their senses.

Messy Play Equipment

Mud Kitchen


A place to imitate adults, to be creative and deliver exciting menus, whilst using nature (mud) as the main ingredients. Mud Kitchens encourage fun cooking experiences, whilst endorsing messy play.

Mud Messy Play Area

Sensory Arbour


The Sensory Arbour provides a rich sensual experience for all children, by offering auditory and visual stimulation. It offers a calming environment that stimulates the senses, children can enjoy musical chimes, relax, strengthen their memory and be more mindful.

Sensory Playground Equipment

Excessive screen time can be damaging to child development, but outdoor play is still considered the gold standard for children. Through playing, kids enhance their understanding of the real world.

Today, playgrounds are more evolved than ever before, featuring a range of technically advanced apparatus and precise zones focused on exact areas of development.

Playgrounds are visually attractive and encompass innovative equipment to entice children away from technology. They are ingeniously designed to support learning and increase children’s overall well-being.

Playgrounds allow children to continue to learn through discovery and make new friendships by communication, factors, unfortunately, technology do not offer.

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If you would like to find out how we can help you to improve your school or nursery playground to support STEAM learning, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and arrange a free consultation with one of our experts.