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12 Water Wall Activities For Your School

Water Wall Activities with your Pentagon Play Water Wall

We hope you're loving your Pentagon Play Water Wall.

If you're in need of some extra inspiration or ideas for your children, we have some activities that you might find useful:


Potions Practice

Using natural non-staining food dyes, mix colours such as blue, yellow and red to see what colour the water turns out towards the end of the Water Wall.

Water Wall Early Years

Glitter Glue

If you're looking for a crafty water play activity, then this is perfect for you! 

When glitter is added to water, it acts as a sediment, making the children curious as to where it goes...

Incorporate glitter into your activity and generate discussions about why and how the water and the glitter mix.


Ball Games

Ping pong balls can be used down much of the Water Wall. Set races to help teach children the importance of gravity and water flow.


Magical Maths

Children can also calculate how long it takes different small items and shapes to go from the top of the Water Wall to the bottom.

Damming Station Messy Play Early Years


Mixing and Measuring

There are so many measuring experiments that children can do with our Water Wall. For example, how much water have we put in at the top of the water wall? How much water is left at the bottom? Where has the rest of the water gone?


Diverting the Water

What item can you use to take the water from the Water Wall and pass it around the rest of the water play zone? Also, what items effectively stop the flow of water on the wall?

If you have a Water Play Table, can you channel the water into there?


Can You Make Things Waterproof

Let children figure out what materials to use to make something waterproof on the wall. For example, candle wax is an interesting element to use. Can the children make watertight/waterproof joins for the Water Wall?


Reading and Writing instructions

Let the older children write instructions for the Water Wall and some of the games and then allow the younger children to read them and see if they can be followed correctly.


Picture Instructions

Let the children explain what they have done with the Water Wall with their very own picture instructions.


Building Teamwork

Working as a team, remove different loose parts of the Water Wall to create different outcomes to the flow of water... what happens when you change the angle and why does this happen?


Mini Beasts Invading the Water Wall

Investigate the 'mini beasts' that have been attracted to the Water Wall. Add elements to the wall that will attract different types of insects to help keep investigations fresh and different.


Twig and Leaf Art

Let the children create artistic creations with the elements that have been blown to the bottom of the Water Wall or in the reservoir. These are normally twigs and leaves, so see what creations they come up with.

These are just 12 Water Play Activities that we hope have help inspire you when thinking up new activities.

Quick tip - create a 'Messy Play Zone

Attaching the Pentagon Play Damming Station to your Water Wall creates a unique messy play zone where children can work in teams to build dams with different materials such as sand and mud.

Take a closer look at the Pentagon Play Water Wall and if you're interested in adding it to your outdoor learning environment, simply Contact Us through the website, we'd love to speak with you.

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