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Why Install a Daily Mile Track at Your School

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Implement a designated Daily Mile Track at your school

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In 2015, a study of 10,000 primary school children across the UK found that two thirds of them lacked basic fitness. 

The aim of the Daily Mile is a simple but effective and inclusive way of helping to encourage pupils to take part in more physical activity by walking, jogging or running up to a mile for fifteen minutes every day.

Involving even very young children in the Daily Mile is an exemplary way of teaching them and helping them to understand about the benefits of physical activity on their bodies and the importance of exercise for their overall health and wellbeing.  

Most schools implement the Daily Mile for children aged 4 and over, and even though the youngest children may not be able to manage a whole mile, they will still love being out in the fresh air, running around and getting some exercise, viewing it as a challenge they can work towards.

daily mile track for schools 

The impact of the Daily Mile is transformational, with schools and parents noticing improvements not only in the children’s fitness, but also their concentration levels, attainment, mood, behaviour and general health and wellbeing. 

After completing a Daily Mile, children are much more focused and ready to learn. Used strategically, this can really help to support the rhythm of the day, for example completing a run between learning topics to re-energise and regain focus, or before a more challenging lesson where deeper thinking and concentration is required. 

With a good all-weather Daily Mile Track there will be no barrier to getting children to exercise every day - just make sure everyone has a raincoat in school! 

A track for the Daily Mile typifies the definition of a perfect outdoor activity that can take place in any weather within the school grounds. 

Download our PDF to see the main reasons why a designated Daily Mile Track will increase children's participation. We also reveal some excellent ways to implement a Daily Mile Track at your school as well as some fun activities to retain motivation and enthusiasm:

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The Daily Mile Track can be installed using your Sports Premium, if you'd like to learn more and arrange a free consultation, Contact Us through the website or call 01625 890 330 (Northern Office) or 0117 379 0899 (Southern Office).