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Create social zones, safeguard children and keep your outdoor area tidy with our huge range of playground furniture, fencing and storage. Our playground furniture can create excellent seating arrangements while our timber and steel stores will keep your playground equipment safe and organised. We have a range of playground fencing which will safeguard your children and help create zones for different areas of play.

Playground Furniture, Fencing and Storage

With a wide range of playground furniture, fencing and storage available, we can help truly transform your outdoor environment. Our fencing is perfect for creating zones in your playground for different types of play as well as safeguarding children, while our playground furniture can create social zones and our playground storage can help keep your outdoor area organised.

Our fantastic range of playground furniture can create excellent, educational seating arrangements. Educational seating arrangements encourage children to participate in storytelling and literacy or can simply provide children with a quiet social space away from the hustle and bustle of the playground. Our giant Storytelling Chairs are perfect for encouraging young children to get up and read in front of their peers as they improve their literacy, self-confidence and spoken language outdoors. When storytime is taken outdoors, children watch the fairy tale characters come to life in front of their eyes as their imaginations run wild.

Our range of timber and steel playground storage units can help keep the playground tidy, they can also promote self-selection and independence as issues of space are solved. Our self-selecting stores are perfect for encouraging children to self-select their own loose-play resources while also learning to tidy up after they are done playing.

Finally, we have a range of playground fencing which can be used to safeguard your children and keep the space safe and secure. As well as this, it can help create zones for different areas of play. Our colourful playground fencing creates a wonderful zone for play as children enhance their imaginative games, feeling less like a school outdoor area and more like their imaginative outdoor learning and play environment.

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