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Broomhaugh CE First School’s Climbing Frame

Climbing Solutions To Satisfy A Wide Range of Physical Education Learning Outcomes


Broomhaugh CE First School in Northumberland contacted us as they wanted to add more equipment into their existing active play area, and thanks to the PTA’s excellent fund raising, the school now have some fantastic new playground additions!

An open-ended climbing challenge for children of all ages


As the school already had an existing trim tail on the school field, we installed a huge Bowfell Climber and a set of Monkey Bars to provide some variation to the children’s physical play provision.

Our Bowfell climber is an exciting log climbing frame that gets the children moving, exercising and developing all of the fine and gross motor skills, balance, strength and core stability they need to grow into healthy young adults.

6 children climbing on a log and rope climbing frame

With a combination of logs, ropes and net scrambles, it can accommodate a number of children at one time as they build their climbing confidence together. The whole challenge is open-ended as it features no obvious way for the children to enter or exit the frame, which means they can jump up or down wherever they like!

This is perfect for those who may not be quite ready to tackle the highest log just yet.

Underneath the climber, there is plenty of space for the children to relax away from active play, build dens and socialise or use as part of their imaginative play games.

Children playing on active play equipment on the school field

At the end of the existing trim trail, we installed a set of our fabulous Monkey Bars to add in little bit more upper body strength challenge into the playground. The children love taking it in turns to see how far they get through the obstacle this playtime, determined to make it all the way across tomorrow!

Greg Gavin, one of our lovely outdoor learning consultants, was delighted to work alongside this small community school and their passionate PTA to further improve the children’s physical play opportunities. The children cannot wait to get outdoors and play every day!

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Children lining up to cross monkey bars on the field