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An exciting new play project for Broomhill Primary School

A 3 phase development across a whole school project at Broomhill Infant School!

We've recently worked alongside Broomhill Infant School to complete a multitudinous phase project.

Pentagon Play's experienced Outdoor Learning Consultant Becky Hazell worked with Broomhill to provide them with the playground that the school have always wanted.

Phase 1 EYFS Development

The school wanted to create an area for the EYFS pupils to be able to have an area where they can whizz around on their scooters and exalt their energy into play.

Wishing to install a Thermoplastic Scooter Trackway within this area, Broomhill Infant's School held a 'scooterthon' to raise the money for this fabulous addition- something they were successful in! 

A birds eye view pf broomhill primary schools playground

The pupils love to ride their scooters, bikes and trikes around this area as it creates a sense of realism with the Zebra Crossing, they can learn the basics of road safety without the dangers of real-life motors.

This was the first stage of this development, and we are going to take a further look into the other 2 phases across the school.

a view of the playground with a yellow roadway thermoplastic markings on

Phase 2 SEND & Nature Play!

The next phase we moved on to was the SEND and Nature Development, the area needed to be an area where the pupils can feel like they are playing outdoors whilst being under shelter.

We installed a SEND Canopy, connected to the outside of the classroom, creating an opportunity for the class to play, get messy and have lots of space to carry out sensory play activities!

children playing on a table uderneath an outdoor classroom canopy

The Cladded Fence with Coloured Porthole Windows and Gate creates a vibrant and sensory haven space where the children can peep through the coloured windows.

This ensures the pupils will be able to sit and relax at the calming, sensory environment, listening to the raindrops on the windows whilst still being sheltered from the elements outside.

A side view of the SEN canopy

The Artificial Grass floor within the canopy and play area ensures that the pupils can run and play till their hearts are content without the risk of any bumps and tumbles. The grass adds to the sensory aspect of this area as the children can run their fingers through the grass whilst being able to roll and lie down on the artificial grass.

A SEN area, children are running around

Phase 3 Holly and Sycamore Class Outdoor Development

Let’s move on to the next phase…

We installed two canopies on the outside of the Year 1 class (Holly) and the Year 2 class (Sycamore) creating space for the little ones to play and run around.

We installed a 6m x 3.5m Freestanding Timber Canopy for the Holly Class and a 8m x 4m Freestanding Timber Canopy with Cladding for the Sycamore Class.

inside the canopy at broomhill infant school

These two areas allow the children to feel as though they are playing outdoors, with the artificial grass floor, even though they are sheltered and warm underneath the Canopies.

It is a perfect space to add a variety of stations, from messy play to imaginative and active play!

the outside of the canopy which is connected to the school

All the children can play together within these areas, it is important for children to have the opportunity to be able to learn and practice key social, cognitive, organisational, physical, and emotional skills.

If you would like to transform your play area with us please don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our amazing team members here.

Or if you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how you would like to revamp your playground, take a look at our dedicated projects page here.

Inside the outdoor canopy at broomhill infant school.