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A Playground full of Learning for Bury Grammar School

The Customer

We were delighted to work with Primary Principal, Chrissy Howard, to completely transform the outdoor playground space at Bury Grammar School in Greater Manchester.

Bury Grammar is a high performing School with a warm and friendly atmosphere. The school is ambitious and strives to provide pupils with phenomenal facilities. The playground at the school’s primary site needed to challenge pupils, promote curiosity and encourage teamwork.

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Their Objectives

It was decided that the large playground would be split into distinct zones depending on pupil preferences.

Areas for sporting activities were essential yet pupils also needed quiet, peaceful spots. Bury Grammar also wanted to create a sheltered learning space to be able to take lessons outside, so they worked closed with Outdoor Learning Consultant, Tom Hollingworth to create their dream outdoor space. 

a shot of the gazebo with children inside smiling at the camera

Our Approach

Once our team had removed former equipment site preparation could begin and the sporting areas began to take shape. Thanks to our 4G Artificial Grass, which can be installed directly onto playground surfaces, pupils now have their own sporting pitch. Inlaid lines indicate a centre spot and goal ends allow football matches to be contained to a specific playground space.

a climber with children playing on it

Thermoplastic Playground Markings created a large netball court to further enhance the school’s sporting curriculum and encourage children to participate in a range of sports.

The new focal point of the playground is the active zone which is home to the impressive Grizedale Forest Circuit. Pupils’ excitement levels have been high as they conquer the many challenging obstacles the Grizedale has to offer. With log bridges to cross, tunnels to conquer, nets to scramble through and walls to climb the Grizedale can cater for large group of pupils of differing ages and abilities.

children practice their climbing on the grizedale forest climber

A smaller but equally impressive Harter Fell Climber is the perfect climbing introduction for pupils as they learn to navigate beams, master crossings and find their own route to the top!

A set of Forest Roll Over Bars completes the active zone. Perfect for stimulating the vestibular sense, students develop real strength and agility as they pull themselves up and spin using the bars. Deluxe Artificial Grass Playturf with an additional shockpad layer really brightens this area creating an inviting and safe space for physical activity.

children play on the forest roll over bar and the harter fell climber in the background

Our wonderful Wigwam structure creates a cosy learning den offering children shade and a perfect playtime spot to gather with friends. Across from the physical play zone we have created an outdoor learning space for Bury Grammar pupils.

A 5M Hexagonal Gazebo with a Decked Base offers a fantastic outdoor classroom. Students can enjoy learning within nature whilst staying sheltered from the elements. There is plenty of space for collaborative group work, investigations and performance projects. A further area of Artificial Grass Playturf next to the Gazebo offers even more possibilities as the school have added tables for group outdoor studying and socialising.

The Result

Once this play space was completed, we added Bury Grammar School’s crest to the entrance of the playground using thermoplastic playground markings.

a shot of the gazebo and picnic tables

The crest honours the school’s history and traditions whilst welcoming the future.

It was a pleasure to work with Bury Grammar School, creating a playground to promote enquiring minds, nurture physical development and foster communication and resilience.