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Chaloner Primary School's Engaging Sports Space!

An engaging and sporty space for Chaloner Primary School!

Having worked with us once before on a development of their sports facilities, Outdoor Learning Consultant, Greg Gavin was delighted to hear from Chaloner Primary School about further developments! 

Looking to add a space that would be conducive to Early Years Physical Development, Chaloner Primary were, of course, drawn to our abundance of active play resources.

Wanting something fun and vibrant as well as challenging, Greg was sure that our Modular Play Tower Restormel would be the perfect fit for this school playground! 

Once a customer…

Chaloner Primary School had previously worked closely with Pentagon Play on the design and installation of their Multi-Use Games Area.

a birdseye view of the MUGA pitch being played on by pupils with one side a red team and one side a blue team

Looking to provide a designated sports space for pupils to participate in both team and solo sports, this school decided that our fenced-off sports MUGA suited them perfectly. 

Complete with an Artificial Grass access path and pitch throughout, pupils can now retreat to one specific area to play a multitude of sports such as football, rugby, hockey and more! 

children in pe kit play on the green artificial grass surfacing within the muga with a football

This frees up the rest of the playground for pupils’ who prefer to relax during their break times, meaning the playground is ideally split into specific zones.

It has also created an amazing space for P.E lessons to be taken outside with the great safety features of the artificial grass surfacing and base meaning taking a tumble is much less of a worry! 

This incredible space will encourage outdoor sports and play and give pupils a chance to get a breath of fresh air! 

children play a game of football on the MUGA

A Haven for the Imagination

Having this designated space is great for sports games, but physical development challenges can come in all forms!

Some pupils much prefer the chance to challenge and push themselves with active play equipment, rather than sports games.

children in red, white and black uniform stand on top of the play tower and look at the camera

With our Modular Play Tower Restormel, pupils have the opportunity to engage both their agility and their imagination. 

This play tower features a stunningly bright and colorful climbing wall as well as a wonderful slide that pupils will have tonnes of fun with.

children in red school uniform play on the framlingham tower on normal grass

The top of the tower also features these lovely bubble windows, meaning the pupils can wave to their friends playing below and defend their tower as king or queen! 

This wasn't the only play tower that Chaloner added though, also having a Framlingham Modular Play Tower, which may even out-do the Restormel.

children cross the climbing wall of the play tower from one section to the other

This Tower not only has the colorful climbing wall and fun slide just like the Restormel, but also contains a multitude of climbing challenges in the form of a Net Traverse and Tightrope Crossing and more.

The potential is endless for the pupils of Chaloner!

children play on the framlingham timber play tower on natural grass in red school uniforms

Adding those little extras

However, these aren’t the only developments that Chaloner have added!

It was important for the school to make this play space a welcoming zone for all. 

With the addition of this playground seating, pupils can gather together in the fresh air and have their lunch, building their socialisation skills. 

children in pe kit play on the muga

We bet that the pupils can’t wait to use this space.

Also, in addition to this, Chaloner has added to their sports facilities with a Basketball Court Playground Marking Outline and 2 Adjustable Basketball Posts.

Pupils can test their skills in competitive games and build their teamwork skills by communicating and developing a flawless game pattern!

children cross the tightrope walk on the framlingham play tower

Greg is so pleased with how this area has turned out and hopes to work with Chaloner Primary School even more in the future. 

If you too, would like to revitalise your playground, then contact us today for a free consultation with one of our internal learning advisors. 

Or, if you would like to browse your options first, then view our whole Active Play Range beforehand! 

children in pe kit play football on the muga