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Exciting EYFS Play Area for Somers Heath Primary School

Creating opportunity for children to explore learning through play outside.


We loved working alongside Somers Heath Primary school to create an exciting EYFS play area.

Luke Banner, one of our most experienced playground consultants, was extremely enthusiastic to make this area into a safe and inviting environment for the pupils.

The sprouting EYFS area!


Before, this area was filled with mud and concrete which was not beneficial for children to run around and play on, especially when the rain came along, so both the school and Luke created a playground which would suit the EYFS children’s needs.

Luke helped the school by removing a mound that they no longer wanted and turned it into a flat space with Artificial Grass.

Children playing on Artificial Grass

A beach resort play area.


The school wanted to save the blue wet pour strip they already had in place, so we also added to the blue theme and made this area into a luxury beach resort by adding Blue Playbond around the Sliding Sandpit.

Sandpits are a great addition to a playground, giving opportunities for children to let their minds run free.

Children playing in sliding sandpit

The children at Somers Heath explore their imaginations using this area as a stage where they can show off their dancing and singing skills!

Constructing sandcastles, digging for gold and burying treasure in the sandpit will encourage cooperation, problem solving and Gross Motor Development.

Science lessons and messy play can now be taken outside thanks to the playground improvements!

children playing in the sandpit

Harter Fell Fun!


Swing from the treetops and leap over the logs… children’s imaginations soar sending them clambering into the rainforest or taking a daring trip to Mount Everest as they scale up the climbing frame. 

Children playing on Harter Fell

The Harter Fell Climber creates a challenging activity that children will naturally be drawn towards and will work together to make their way around.

A climbing frame is a perfect addition to a playground, creating endless amounts of fun for pupils whilst naturally improving their fine and gross motor skills.

Children Playing on Trim Trail

Safety is a key priority so the installation of Shock Pad Layering will prevent the little adventures from injury.

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Children climbing on Trim Trail