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The Ferns Primary Academy’s Climbing Frame

Improving Physical Play Opportunities With A Huge Climbing Frame


Our Sales Director, Paul Bayliss, worked with The Ferns Primary Academy, situated in Bolton, to improve the children’s physical play opportunities.

The school wanted to specifically address improving the children’s finer motor skills, which are important skills needed for handwriting and specific hand and wrist movements, while further enhancing their school playground. They also wanted the new equipment to successfully challenge their KS2 children and provide exciting outdoor activities.

After considering multiple different options to meet their needs, the school chose our challenging Tryfan Climber.

The Tryfan climber is a multi-element structure which has really improved the playground and has created energetic physical play opportunities.

Flexible routes and multiple crossing points creates a non-prescriptive active challenge, meaning the children can climb as high as they like and in whatever way they want to climb. The challenge is their own.

As well as this, there is no specified way for the children to enter the climbing frame meaning there is no queuing or waiting to use the equipment, as many children can use the frame at once. The children are encouraged to collectively share the space.

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As the children collaborate, they develop their communication and language skills through the encouragement of one another as they climb and challenge one another.

Words of encouragement and praise echo across the playground while the children support each other to achieve their goals. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they reach a point they previously couldn’t quiet reach beforehand. 

Not only has this exciting climbing frame met the needs of the school, improving fine motor skills and presenting more physical play opportunities, it has also advanced the children’s upper and lower body strength, core stability, coordination, balance and gross motor skills.

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We surfaced underneath the climbing frame with a vibrant green Wet Pour Playground Surfacing. As it is impact absorbing, it ensures that the children can safely use the equipment without the risk of serious injury.

It has also benefited imaginative play as the lush green surfacing transports the children to different imaginary words, such as a jungle full of trees or a mountain high up in the clouds, where they can climb, swing, step and traverse.

If you would like to create more physical play opportunities in your school playground, please feel free to Contact Us to arrange a free playground consultation. You can also view our huge range of Climbing Frames!

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