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Invigorating MUGA For Raysfield Primary School

Enabling PE and Ball Games to Take Place Outdoors Throughout All-Weathers


An all-weather sporting space that engages children in more vigorous physical activities during breaktimes and lunchtimes!

At Raysfield Primary School in South Gloucestershire, our playground consultant, Becky Hazell, worked alongside the school to create an area where sporting activities can take place no matter what the weather may bring.

Most importantly, the new space had to excite, entice and inspire the children to participate in a wide range of sports throughout the school day.

Raysfield Primary School's MUGA pitch installed onto their school field featuring yellow sport markings, fencing and recessed goal ends

Inspiring generations of children to lead a healthier lifestyle


As the existing all-weather outdoor spaces were quite small and not very practical for sports, we installed a huge 20m x 12m Multi Use Games Area, which created the perfect space to enhance the school’s sporting provision.

We began by excavating and preparing the surface before laying our high-quality sport base works. This process ensures the space is self-draining, whilst providing a suitable base for a wide range of sports to take place.

Once prepared, we laid our four-season, multi-sport velour artificial grass surface over the top.

An overhead view of a multi use games area featuring yellow sport markings, 1 blue goal end, 1 red goal end and an artificial grass pathway to the playground

MUGA features to accommodate a variety of different sports


The sporting facility includes a wide range of feature to accommodate a variety of different sports. We installed:

  • 2m High Rebound Fencing to ensure balls are contained in the space, preventing interruptions to other children play.
  • A single access gate to allow for easy access.
  • A blue recessed goal end and a red recessed goal end to prevent squabbles over whether or not the other team have scored a goal.
  • Netball sockets to effectively accommodate a variety of sports.
  • An 8m wide Artificial Grass pathway leading from the tarmac to the MUGA ensuring the pitch stays mud free and provide a space for spectators and warmups.

An 8m wide artificial grass pathway leading to the access gate of a multi use games area

The new Multi Use Games Area has created a fantastic environment, where sporting activities and competition are actively encouraged, improving children’s fundamental movement skills, agility, balance coordination and sporting skills as they engage in a selection of different sports.

Moreover, the new space will inspire generations of children to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle as they develop their love of sport!

An overhead view of a multi use games area with yellow sport markings, fencing, a red goal end, a blue goal end and a 8m artificial grass pathway from the playground

Since having the MUGA installed, the school mentioned that there have been less negative behaviour incidents during break times and lunch times as the children have a space where they can burn off some excess energy and that pupils and staff alike are inspired to participate in vigorous physical activities by the MUGA pitch!

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A multi use games area installed onto a school field with 2m high fencing, yellow sport markings and a red goal end and a blue goal end