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Jesson's CE Primary School early years play

An Engaging Early Years Area for Jesson’s CE Primary, Dudley! 


When Jesson’s CE Primary School contacted Pentagon in the spring, they were really looking to revitalize their space and create a zone that their nursery pupils could enjoy. 

They had some worn soft play features that they wanted to remove and replace with more messy and sensory play features. 

Creating multiple zone play spaces where pupils can explore different areas of learning was key for this school and Outdoor Learning Consultant, Greg Rossiter was keen to support them with this design!

When we went back to the school to carry out a case study, they made immense efforts to create a grand opening for their brand new EYFS area!

They invited a few members of the CBeebies character for a grand opening, we can for sure say that the pupils at Jesson’s Primary School were super excited to play on their new area with them!

The opening was a very exciting time for all staff members and pupils, with confetti cannons, balloons and the mascots cutting the ribbon for the initial opening of this area!

4 mascots, 7 children and 2 teachers are stood in front of balloons with a confetti cannon going off behind them.

A new and exciting learning environment!


Jesson’s’ first step of their playground remodel was to design and create a learning space that would benefit the pupils in their own class but that also has great features for the whole school.

Jesson’s customized their area with a 12m x 4m Freestanding Timber Canopy that provides a shelter for those poor weather days where pupils can shield themselves from the rain yet still get their fresh air during their break times.

One of the benefits of adding an Outdoor Classroom to your learning space is the fact that changes in the learning environment are often hugely impactful on a pupils’ ability to learn. 

A birds eye view o the cano0py at jesson's primary schools

Giving them a chance to get up, get some cool and fresh air and sit with different people stimulates the brain and boosts concentration levels as they take in the environment around them. 

The excited children wanted to show the mascots their new canopy and what games and lesson they can take out under this sheltered area!

Another plus is that these environments, even when built as an extension to a specific year group’s area, can be great for the whole school to use for activities. 

Outdoor Learning Environments are such a valuable addition to any school!

two mascots and 4 children are playing underneath a timber canopy.

Active Play Opportunities


Another amazing feature of this re-model is the addition of Pentagon’s very own Get Set, Go! Blocks!

These sets will suit Jesson’s nursery area nicely, designed to support and assist younger children as they build their climbing confidence before progressing to larger and more complicated structures. 

This school selected our Mendips Set which comes complete with steps, slopes and a hump bridge so there is plenty of variety for pupils. 

They’ll never get bored as the teachers of Jesson’s are free to move the blocks daily to create different routes and challenges! 

A young boy climbing over the climb through tunnel hill

Pupils also have a new Climb Through Tunnel Hill, where they will be able to crawl, run, walk and jump and practice their agility.

Even the mascots got up to some mischief showing off their skills clambering over and under the Climb Through Tunnel Hill.

We’re absolutely sure that the pupils will love this new active play space!


A Stunning Surfacing Upgrade


Don’t worry! If pupils take a little tumble whilst they’re still building their skills. 

The new surfacing will soften their fall as well as make their new outdoor space fresher than ever. 

A full view of the eyfs play area at Jesonn's Primary School.

This surfacing consists of both Shock pad Tiles- great for reducing impact and contributing to a safe space for your little ones. 

This is topped with a luscious green artificial grass surfacing which just breathes life into the area! 

Overall, this is such a great use of space and these improvements have created such a welcoming and engaging environment for the pupils of Jesson’s CE Primary School Nursery Class. 

If you would like to discuss the options for your EYFS area, then Contact Us Today for a free consultation!

Or, take a look at our whole EYFS range and find something that would be perfect for your pupils! 

A young boy on a bike whilst riding on the artificial grass