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Kegworth Primary School’s Trim Trail

A Challenging Trim Trail With 11 Obstacles


Our Playground Consultant, Greg Rossiter, worked with Kegworth Primary School to replace an old and tired trail, with a new and exciting Trim trail brimming with physical challenges for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

One of our lovely installation teams happily dismantled and disposed of the existing equipment before replacing it with our fantastic Primary Trail 3.

The Primary Trail 3 includes 14 challenges which vary in difficulty and fully test children’s key physical skills:

  • Climbing Poles
  • Stepping Logs
  • Net Traverse
  • Mini Balance Beam
  • Parallel Rope Traverse
  • Swinging Log Traverse
  • Log Weaver
  • Tightrope Bridge
  • Walk and Stretch
  • Trapeze Swing Traverse
  • Single-Sided Timber Climbing Wall

With such an incredible combination of physical developmental challenges, children will develop their balance, coordination, core stability, upper and lower body strength, grip and grasp and gross motor skills.

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To ensure the area can be accessed in all-weathers as well as being safe from falls and risk-taking we re-surfaced the grassy area with artificial grass.

Our artificial grass surfacing includes a shock pad underlayer to protect children from falls. This will help encourage children to take further risks and test their physical ability further.

We created an artificial grass pathway towards the Trim Trail which leads from the tarmac playground. This will prevent children from getting muddy shoes and leaving a mess within the school after play.

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Our wide range of Safety Surfacing can be viewed here.

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