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A New Vision for Kings’ Forest EYFS Area!

The Customer 

Kings’ Forest Primary School in Bristol offers a large, contemporary space for pupils to learn. They pride themselves on providing engaging and stimulating lessons for their pupils on a daily basis, and so an interactive and exciting play environment was a must for them.  

Their Objectives  

The school wanted to expand on their current play area, increasing active play opportunities and revitalising any tired elements to make the space more exciting and interesting for the pupils to explore. Their top priorities were:  

  • A new climbing area where Reception pupils can build key gross motor skills. 
  • New fencing the change the layout of the existing space. 
  • Neutral surfacing . 

before playground installation photo

Our Approach 

Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, worked closely with the team at Kings’ Forest Primary to design their perfect environment, taking into consideration all of their needs.  

To tackle the desire for a climbing space for the children, Nicole implemented two climbing facilities, ideal for younger pupils who are still building their confidence.  

The Harter Fell Climber is perfect for beginner climbers as the drop-down ropes act as the perfect handholds for the children to support themselves, building their problem-solving skills as they navigate their way across safely.  

an outdoor climbing frame for schools

The Get Set, Go! Block- The Mendips Set was also advised, as they also offer a low-level climbing solution that pupils can use to clamber, crawl and walk across, as they become more comfortable in their environment.  

To solve the fencing issue, Nicole incorporated 15m of Bow Top Fencing with a single-access gate.  

This meant that the school now have a separate area, more suited to their needs.  

Finally, Nicole solved the need for a neutral surface with our Playturf Artificial Grass. This luscious green grass substitute is extremely low-maintenance and offers a safe surface for pupils to play on, eliminating the issues of muddy fields and bogs caused by rainfall in Winter and Autumn.  

key figures for this playground project development

The Results 

The pupils at King’s Forest absolutely love their new space and are thriving in their new environment.  

Already their climbing skills are improving on the new equipment. EYFS Lead, Karen Keddie noted that “the children have been a lot more active with purpose to their action, rather than just needing to run around aimlessly. The children are natural risk-takers and have thoroughly enjoyed challenging themselves to stretch, reach, swing and launch themselves off the climber”.  

damming station for primary school playgrounds

But it’s not just the active play space that is adored by the pupils.  

“All areas are well-used and outdoor play has become the number one choice for the vast majority of our pupils. They have been much more collaborative in their play and creative in their imaginative ideas. The sandpit is one of the most popular. The children love to dig, discover and use the mechanisms for transporting sand”.  

We loved being part of the new development at Kings’ Forest and we hope their new play space serves them well!

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