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Libanus Primary School's Playground Equipment

A Playground Dream Has Become a Reality In South Wales


“Pentagon made it happen!” - Mrs Williams, Head Teacher at Libanus Primary School in Caerphilly.

The primary school in South Wales were lacking any kind of fitness and climbing facilities, which was something Mrs Williams was keen to resolve as a priority:

“I was told that because of the slope on the yard it would never happen. I didn’t believe that, and it wasn’t true, because Pentagon made it happen. We’ve ended up with a really useful Trim Trail there, and an Outdoor Classroom that the staff use for a variety of experiences for the children -  especially when we do any work on the seasons. The children can go out and experience the season without getting soaking wet and cold. We’ve been able to get outside more as a result of that.”

Timber Canopy Installed On A School Playground


After completing a successful playground project for the infants, we were delighted to be invited back to Libanus Primary to help them create an exciting new Active Challenge and Outdoor Classroom area for the juniors.

Being on a sloped site, the school have difficulties with drainage. But our experienced installation team are always ready to rise to a challenge!

“The school council told me that they were very sad that they didn’t have the same opportunities as the infants. So after much looking we found a spot and once again, Pentagon installed the goods. Now the juniors are as happy as the infants!” says Mrs Williams.

Children playing on a trim trail in a school playground

Welcome to the new active play zone


The Physical Challenge area has been designed to encourage multiple types of physical development. We installed a Bespoke Trim Trail comprising:

  • A Parallel Rope Traverse
  • A Trapeze Swing Traverse with Step Up Logs
  • A Net Traverse
  • A Log Weaver 
  • A Set Of 6 Climbing Poles
  • Two Mini Balance Beams 
  • A Rocking Log Traverse

KS1 Children Playing On A Trim Trail

For safety and all-weather use we installed our Artificial Grass Surfacing underneath the entire area. We fenced the area and included gate access for security.

The children are now enjoying being much more active during playtimes and outdoor PE lessons. The teachers have been encouraging the children to make up games and find different ways of using their Trim Trail as part of the curriculum.

A drone photo of the school's playground

They’re not only developing their physical gross motor and fine motor skills, but also developing their creativity outside. It’s lovely to see the difference in them, and their confidence building over time as they master the challenges.

Mrs Williams also commented on how much the parents have appreciated seeing the playground in full use, as they used part of their fundraising for these new areas, and that’s been really important for the school as a whole.

children enjoying the playground equipment installed by Pentagon Play

Outdoor STEM Learning and Creative Space


The school asked us to create a sheltered area that could be enjoyed as part of learning or play during all weathers.

We installed a beautiful Timber Canopy area with direct access from the school building. It’s made a piece of the yard that used to be nothing into a really special space, which is completely covered and has the use of a Giant Chalkboard and Whiteboard.

Mrs Williams told us that the staff are really impressed with how big the space is, how it remains dry and sheltered, and it’s a fantastic space for season work.

A timber school canopy

They’re also using the Canopy for wood work activities, which previously would have been weather dependent. It’s made things much safer for the children, and easier for staff who can supervise the children with the door open and safely let them enjoy some independence at the same time.

We installed a series of fun Gametop Picnic Tables so the children have plenty of space to sit comfortably, socialise and enjoy outdoor snack times with their friends. Each one hosts a different educational game (chess, draughts, snakes and ladders, ludo) that requires counting and logical thinking skills! 

Outdoor Classroom With Whiteboard and Chalkboard

We asked Mrs Williams how their experience of having Pentagon working on-site during term time, while the children are present, has been for each phase of their playground redevelopment. This is what she had to say:

“We had no issues at all. All the areas were cordoned off and safe. I asked the installation team to be quiet during certain time frames and they worked around that and were very, very flexible. The children were very interested and had the experience of watching everything become what it becomes.

I would honestly say, I would whole heartily recommend Pentagon. If we have a problem, we know you will come back and help us with it, you really do care and don’t just put it in then go. If there’s any advice we need, you provide it straight away. I can’t recommend you enough.”

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KS1 children playing on their new playground