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Locking Stump's Play Equipment & Outdoor Classroom

Read about the fantastic playground development at Locking Stumps Community Primary School


Our Sales Director and Outdoor Learning Consultant, Paul Bayliss, worked with Locking Stumps Community Primary School to develop their outdoor learning environment.

We have a fantastic relationship with the school having already worked with them on several exciting projects in the past.  

This again is another fantastic example of the strong service that we provide to schools and the main reason why 65% of our work comes from referrals and returning customers.

A bespoke Outdoor Classroom for all-weather learning


outdoor classroom

We designed a fantastic outdoor classroom that can be used for lessons, relaxation, socialising, reading and language development.

The structure includes raised decking, giving it the ability to transform into a performance stage at any given time.

A giant whiteboard was added to act as a teaching aid during lesson time and four game top picnic tables were included to provide the children with a place to sit and interact with each other.

outdoor classrooms

During break and lunch times, children can use the outdoor classroom to relax and have some quiet time – they could read a book, play board games, do artwork or practise their writing on the whiteboard.

Moreover, with the picnic tables including game tops, the classroom can also become a thriving social hub with children facing off against each other on the classic games provided.

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A Log Climbing Frame accessible from all angles


playground equipment

We have provided the children with a new climbing challenge that will develop all areas of their body including their upper and lower body strength, core stability, flexibility, coordination and grip and grasp ability.

Our Skiddaw Log Climbing Frame is one of our largest and includes two integral scramble nets and multiple balance, strength and traversing challenges.

log climbing frame

Accessible from all angles, there is no obvious way for the children to enter the climbing challenge making it much more exciting for the children.

To overcome this challenge, children must communicate, work in teams, problem solve and build their climbing confidence.

The children can also feel confident to take safe risks with the inclusion of our impact-absorbing Playbond safety surfacing underneath.

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An outdoor stage for performance and expressive arts


outdoor stage for schools

To provide the children with a platform to expressive themselves and develop spoken language, we installed a magnificent outdoor performance stage complete wi-+th 3 mark-making boards and seating area.

Simply being outside the confines of a traditional classroom gives children a sense of freedom and leaves them feeling less inhibited, the knock-on effects of which will lead to improved posture, better voice projection and greater creativity.

school performing stage

The stage also supports speaking and listening as children work together to develop plays, poetry, music and dance performances.

With the addition of a few costumes and props, role play will come to life as children re-enact their favourite stories and scenes… the perfect resource for developing self-esteem in young people.

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Target walls for improved hand to eye coordination and ball technique


ball targets for playgrounds

We created a goal target area for younger children to test their hand to eye coordination and ball technique.

The targets also include meter markers to challenge children with distance and counting. This will help create friendly competition as children try and hit the targets from the furthest possible distance.

Children can also use the targets to practise their kicking and throwing techniques for various sports.

A zone for building dens and mark making


outdoor mark making boards

We replaced existing pencil structures with Den Posts, Mark Making Boards and a Giant Mirror.

This will encourage the children to create role play areas, practise their art and writing and take part in interactive play.

With the addition of a few materials and costumes, children will begin building their own dens and transform the area into anything from a spaceship to a bakery.

Moreover, we created an all-weather musical play zone to help inspire creative play and musical performance.

outdoor musical play equipment

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It was a pleasure to work with Locking Stumps Community Primary School and we hope to work with them on more exciting projects in the future.

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