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An Engaging and Stimulating Playground for Locking Stumps Primary

The Customer

Locking Stumps Community Primary School located in Warrington prides itself on being a happy and healthy place to learn. The school wanted to dedicate a large section of their outdoor space to active play to encourage pupils to be healthy throughout their school lives and beyond.



Their Objectives

Locking Stumps School wanted to use PTA funding to create a physical and social playground hub which children of varying ages could use.

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After consultation with School Council members, expert Playground Consultant Tom Hollingworth suggested our brand-new Kielder Forest Circuit, knowing this would be a fantastic fit for the school.

Our Approach

The Kielder Forest Circuit is set with a low fall height of 0.6m making it suitable for younger and older children alike. The high-quality, timber circuit offers twelve different physical challenges. Students’ favourite pieces include the Drop Rope Balance Traverse where pupils perfect their balancing skills using drop ropes for support and the Wobbly Log Traverse which learners find very exciting to cross. A successful crossing requires great strength and coordination. 


A Double-Sided Horizontal Climbing Wall promotes teamwork and healthy competition as pupils race each other on opposing sides. Children learn correct foot placement and how to grasp climbing holds as they traverse across the wall.

The Kielder Forest Circuit has certainly ignited pupils’ imaginations. Jungle adventurers picture themselves slinking and weaving through hanging vines when crossing the Zigzag Log Bridge. Circus entertainers imagine themselves performing to large crowds when conquering the Platform to Post Tightrope Crossing. Core strength and flexibility is required to reach the artificial grass-covered platforms.

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There are obstacles to suit all children of different ages and abilities on the Kielder Forest Circuit, offering a host of play opportunities for many years to come.
Tom suggested that the area underneath the circuit should be fitted with our Deluxe Artificial Grass Playturf.

Playturf provides a soft and safe surfacing that cushions landings and is comfortable for children to sit on. Our Playturf can be used in all weathers, it won’t become mud-logged and includes a weed-suppressant membrane.

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At Locking Stumps Playturf was installed next to natural grass and it is difficult to spot the difference! Playturf provides a bright, appealing space which instantly entices pupils.

The Results

On our return visit to Locking Stumps School we met again with School Council members who were delighted with how their initial vision came to life. Year 5 and 6 pupils in particular felt that the circuit gave them a new focus during playtimes and they had perfected new skills when swinging and climbing.

Outdoor open ended climbing frame for school playgrounds

The circuit provides a social, physical, and creative space which is extremely popular during breaktimes and is also being utilised during lessons.

Active play during breaktimes has significantly increased boosting pupils’ health and wellbeing throughout the school. Students from different year groups have been collaborating with each other, improving oracy skills, and developing greater resilience thanks to peer support.

If you would like to redevelop your outdoor play environment just like Locking Stumps Primary School, please don't hesitate to get in contact with one of our friendly outdoor learning consultants here!