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Marton & District's Trim Trail & Performance Stage

Marton and District now have their very own Trim Trail and Outdoor Performance Stage 


Our Northern Outdoor Learning Consultant Paul Bayliss, helped bring Marton and District Primary School’s playground to life with a physical play zone and a performing arts area.

The school and the PTA loved the idea and got behind the project with enthusiasm… but it was the children who were the most excited.

A Trim Trail with 10 different challenges


Trim Trails for schools

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To create a physical play zone, we installed our Trim Trail in a grassy area of the playground and ensured it circled around the tree which was a prominent feature there. We also surfaced underneath the trail with Playbond to ensure to could be accessed all year round


The Physical Play Zone also includes a strategically placed Easel Table to help create a truly inclusive space that facilitates social seating and drawing for those who, for various reasons, may not be partaking in the active challenges provided but would like to still interact with their friends whilst getting creative.

Marton’s Trim Trail includes the following challenges:

  • Log Weaver
  • Tightrope Bridge
  • Walk and Stretch
  •  Spring Plank
  •  Stepping Logs (3)
  •  Net Traverse
  •  Mini Balance Beam
  •  Rope Swing Traverse
  •  Inclined Balance Beam
  •  Jigsaw Panels Traverse Wall

These challenges will develop the children’s upper and lower body strength, grip and grasp, balance and gross motor skills. Children will overcome the trail in groups improving their communication, social skills and confidence.

Marton and District Trim Trail

The children already love performing on their new Performance Stage



To create a performing arts area, we installed our wonderful Performance Stage which is a single decked stage, complete with a chalkboard backdrop and benches for children to sit on when watching their classmates perform.

Simply being outside the confines of a traditional classroom will give our children a sense of freedom and leave them feeling less inhibited which will lead to improved posture, better voice projection and greater creativity.

The features of the stage will help the teachers deliver lessons and activities for a wide range of subjects’ outdoors which stretch beyond Drama and Literacy.

School Outdoor Performance Stage

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The Headteacher Nevin Deakin, had this to say:

“We’ve been really excited about this project as it’s something that’s brought the whole school community together; the parents, staff and the PTA who donated money towards the new Trim Trail”.

“The idea was first brought to us by Jo Bromly (our Deputy Head) who after meeting Pentagon Play at the DECAPH Conference, thought this would be an excellent project for the PTA to get behind. A special mention to one of our parents Darren Cook, who enabled some of the groundworks to take place.”

“It’s a wonderful project for our children and we’re delighted with Pentagon and we look forward to working with them in the future.”

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