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Case Study of the Month- Mill Water School!

A Magical New Play Space for Mill Water School

Starting this journey with a clear vision for their project, Mill Water School worked alongside with Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, to create their dream space.

It was important for Mill Water to revitalize their EYFS space, taking a space of just grass and tarmac and creating a bright and colorful space for the pupils to enjoy!

Nicole worked with the school, offering a range of different designs for the school to peruse and collaborating with them to ensure that the design was exactly what they had envisioned for the space.

a Birdseye view of the engaging play space with bright colours and play resources

Awesome Activity Space…

One of Mill Water’s key priorities was an active play space that would support muscular development and strength. It was also important that all equipment was fully-accessible to children of all abilities and ages.

To this end, Nicole made sure to include a Restormel Modular Play Tower. This is a great product as the stairs with banisters and support on each side are great for pupils looking to improve muscular coordination and strength in the lower and upper body, as they use the sides to help themselves to the top. Another entry point is in the form of the bright and colorful climbing wall where pupils can use their problem-solving skills and logic to navigate their way to the top.

a child climbs up the slide on the restormel play tower

The bubble window is an awesome feature for those pupils who like to look out over the playground and see what their peers are doing. When pupils are finished, they can take a ride down the slide, appearing at the bottom and surprising those pupils who are using the underneath of the Restormel as a den space.

Pupils also have access to our infamous Get Set, Go! Blocks, the starting point of any active play zones in EYFS areas. These blocks are designed with a low-fall height and are covered in Artificial Grass to make the blocks more comfortable for crawling and sitting. These are great products for those pupils still becoming confident in climbing.

a child runs over and jumps off the climb through tunnel hill

The Climb Through Tunnel Hill also offers great opportunities for pupils to get used to different heights and levels, as they practice alternating between crawling and climbing along the different terrains.

A Sensory and Messy Mayhem Zone…

There are plenty of play opportunities for those pupils with an interest in sensory play, as they have access to a range of interactive play products that will allow them to get involved independently or with their peers.

sales consultant, nicole, sits on the floor with a child and a teacher and plays in the messy play table

This space features a Water Wall with Water Damming Package, which facilitates hands-on exploration of different materials, such as water, sand, mud or slime. Pupils can redirect the water channels along the wall and monitor how different substances move. This space can also be incorporated into science lessons, giving pupils the space to learn about dams and then see how they work for themselves with the Damming station.

a teacher kneels on artificial grass next to a child playing with the sensory spinner

This zone also has two Sensory Spinners where pupils can look into the mini mirror feature, see the light bounce through different colored panels and interact with different textures. These spinners are also great for aiding communication as the pupils expand their vocabulary and build communication confidence as they describe how the sensory spinner looks and feels.

A Roadway for roaming…

Pupils also now have access to this bespoke Blue Wetpour Roadway, featuring a rolling river design.

Pupils can hop into their play cars or scooters or use their wheelchairs to make their way around this roadway, using their imagination to build stories of play as they go!

a birdseye view of the play space with the blue wetpour river around the outside of the play area

Will they be a Formula One Race Car Driver or taking a leisurely journey on the Hogwarts Express? The choice is up to them.

Mill Water School have an abundance of resources at their fingertips to target the needs of their pupils and we hope that they love their new play space.

A Birdseye view of a little boy climbing on a Active Block.

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