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Newlands Junior School's MUGA Development

An amazing all-weather MUGA for football and P.E. lessons


Our Managing Director, Michael Bischof, worked with Newlands Junior School to develop a MUGA on the school grounds.

Before our development, the school was concerned about the amount of space they had to accommodate football and P.E. lessons.

Unfortunately for the school, their playground area is small and their huge field becomes unusable during the winter months.

With the school’s field out of bounds for large chunks of the year, the playground was becoming crowded, making ball games and different styles of play a challenge to facilitate at any given time.

The school needed to make better use of the space their huge field provided and a MUGA was the perfect solution

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We created an enclosed MUGA using 1.8m high fencing and an artificial grass surface. Our artificial grass can be accessed in all weathers, meaning the children can still use the area during those dreaded winter months.

The MUGA also includes White Goal Posts and an artificial grass pathway to ensure children can access the space safely from the playground.

Children will feel extremely lucky, proud and excited to have all year access to such an amazing area. As a result, this positive outlook will improve children’s work rate and their attitude when back inside the classroom.

School MUGA

The fencing will also make the MUGA feel enclosed and separated from the rest of the school, helping certain children to express themselves more freely.

When we returned to view the MUGA, the children were enjoying a game of football and seemed overjoyed with their new play space.

It was a pleasure to work with such a fantastic school. We hope our new development has helped make playtimes and P.E. that little bit more exciting.

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