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Enter the Active Adventure Zone at Northcote Primary School

The Customer

Northcote Primary School, located in Liverpool, aim to provide first-class facilities to enrich curriculum provision for their pupils.

With this in mind, the school wanted to replace outdoor equipment to create a stimulating KS2 play space where all children could improve upon their fitness levels and make healthy lifestyle choices.

a shot of the key figures of the project, including price, days to install and pupil quota

Their Objectives

Northcote Primary wanted to create interesting physical challenges for pupils. The playground needed to encourage children to engage in exercise and activity whilst allowing learners to play and develop creativity.

The new equipment and layout had to enable pupils to learn new skills as well as fostering connection and communication with peers.

children cross the new grizedale forest climber

Our Approach

The magnificent Grizedale Forest Circuit is a climber like no other! With a multitude of obstacles to discover, full classes can comfortably access this piece. Nets and walls provide climbing opportunities, sloping beams and grip ropes develop balance and fancy footwork needs to be considered when crossing thin ropes and swaying pieces.

Pupils have been eager to spend their play times on the climber, forming their own pathways and navigating the different levels.

children build their climbing confidence on the grizedale forest climber

Children are learning to take their own risks and set boundaries when using the Grizedale.

To ensure added safety Northcote opted for Deluxe Artificial Grass Surfacing with Shockpad Tile Underlay. This surfacing gives a soft, comfortable feel and will cushion landings.

children play on their new artificial grass playing football

The school opted to extend their use of our Artificial Grass Surfacing to brighten their playground and to provide a huge, appealing space for sports and ball games both during lessons and breaktimes.

Active Adventures don’t stop there! Northcote Primary selected various Trim Trail pieces to create their own unique course.

The Trail consists of:

The trail has encouraged imaginative play whilst improving children’s coordination, motor skills and physical strength.

a little girl crosses the step rope traverse

Budding playground gymnasts have been pulling themselves up, hanging, swinging and even spinning around on their new Forest Roll Over and Pull Up Bars. Pupils can build upon upper body strength and agility by using these pieces each day.

A set of Forest Monkey Bars with Step up Logs has proven to be very popular with pupils. Children are developing resilience and determination to succeed whilst building arm strength and activating core muscles.

a little girl hangs from the monkey bars on the new trim trail

The Results

The new playground equipment at Northcote Primary has encouraged students to get moving outside every day. In consultation with Pentagon Playground expert, Ian Wood, the school selected a range of equipment to appeal to and challenge learners throughout KS2.

two children hang on the forest roll over bars

The chosen pieces help to support general fitness and wellbeing. Pupils can improve their strength, control, posture and show increased focus and concentration during lessons.

When we interviewed pupils, they spoke very highly of their new playspace and the difference the change in equipment has made to them.

One pupil commented, Every single time I play on the equipment I seem to have more fun!

two children hang on the monkey bars in their active play playground

If you'd like to create an outdoor play space where your pupils can have as much fun as the pupils at Northcote Primary School, then Contact Us Today to get started on your very own playground project! 

Or, learn more about the Grizedale Climber here...