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A Fabulous Framlingham Play Tower Oakwood Primary School

Take On the Terrific, Challenging Tower at Oakwood School! 

It was a great surprise for pupils at Oakwood School to discover their huge new play tower with an accompanying moat!

We were delighted to work within the beautiful grounds of Oakwood School located in Chichester, West Sussex. The staff wanted to provide pupils with even more exciting opportunities for outdoor play and learning.

Head of Sales, Sam Flatman worked closely with Oakwood’s Business and Operation Managers to propose a plan that would transform playtimes and enhance sporting facilities.

Oakwood school wanted to provide their pupils with outdoor challenges that would enhance physical skills and encourage collaboration. The school had a large area for development and Sam knew exactly how to make a special space that would be enjoyed by all.

A Terrific Tower for all Ages

Oakwood opted for the Framlingham Modular Play Tower which is the largest of our designs, ideal for both key stage 1 and 2 pupils. The tower can easily accommodate 35+ children at any given time and provides various areas of challenge for different year groups.

The Framlingham Tower has certainly captured the imagination of Oakwood pupils. There are places to hide, swing, dance and slide which promotes role play and the invention of imaginative games. The surrounding blue wetpour moat further enhances creative play. Can the adventurers cross the lake to enter the castle? Will they defeat the treacherous creatures of the deep and climb up the mountain to safety? Learners feel like Kings and Queens of the playground when they reach the top of the tower and peer through the bubble window.

A birds eye view of the climbing frame at Oakwood Primary School in West Sussex

Pupils develop their climbing skills and upper body strength when conquering the large climbing walls or working together to scale the net traverse. Ideas are communicated and new vocabulary is formulated as pupils create their own routes around the tower. Balance and grip and grasp skills are developed when tackling the rope traverse.

A climb through the tunnel links platforms together and pupils can choose whether to slide down or take the fireman’s pole. There are so many opportunities for fun and physical play with friends on the Framlingham!

New Surfacing Makes a Big Difference

We resurfaced a large area underneath the tower and added shock pad protection to cushion falls and provide ultimate safety. Artificial Grass Playturf is ideal for use in schools as it can be used all year round. Uneven, muddy, slippery surfacing will never deter outdoor playtimes again.

A birds eye view of the new playground development wit children playing on it

Playturf surfacing extended right along the side of the school building creating an area for games and sporting matches. Wetpour pathways and a blue moat provide a contrast in texture and add vivid pops of colour to the space.

Further Physical Play Opportunities

A set of Get Set, Go! Blocks – The Mendips Set sits beautifully on one of the play turf areas in front of the tower. Get Set, Go Blocks are a must-have resource for little learners.

The set of 12 blocks can be easily repositioned by both adults and pupils allowing plenty of speaking and listening opportunities whilst incorporating gross motor practice. Mark-making panels built into the blocks themselves allow children to practise number and letter formation in meaningful contexts.

A class of children climbing on the Framlingham tower and sliding down the slides

We hope to have provided Oakwood School with an impressive playspace that ignites imaginations and supports children’s physical development. Pupils at Oakwood have certainly enjoyed playing together and tackling the numerous challenges the Framlingham play tower has to offer.

If you would like to re-develop your outdoor play space just like Oakwood Primary School did, please don't hesitate to contact us here to start your journey with Pentagon Play today!