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Park Road Academy’s Playground Development

A Playground Development That Inspires Children To Lead A Healthy Lifestyle 


Working in partnership with Park Road Academy, we designed and installed an outdoor area fully focused on improving children's physical and mental wellbeing.

Our Outdoor Learning Consultant Natalie Richardson, worked alongside the headteacher, Thomas Smart, to design and install a 33m x 18m Multi Use Games Area and a dedicated space for participating in the Daily Mile.

A MUGA and a Daily Mile Track on a school playground

A dedicated space for sport and PE lessons


With existing fencing already in place on a section of the tarmac playground, we covered the surface with our excellent sport artificial grass to create an all-weather Multi Use Games Area.

The previous tarmac surface took a lot to maintain due to moss growing in the area, which also caused the space to become slippery and hazardous during wetter weather. This resulted in the children not being able to participate in outdoor PE lessons, particularly through the winter months.

A pe lesson taking place on a multi use games area

Through the installation of our artificial grass, the area is now free draining, which means rainwater can quickly penetrate the surface without puddles forming. Artificial grass ensures that ball games and PE can always be taken outdoors, no matter what the weather may bring.

As the young athletes are football mad, we cut in bright, white line markings in the grass to provide the school with standard football markings on the pitch.

Children participating in a PE lesson on a MUGA

The new Multi Use Games Area has created a multifunctional space for a variety of ball games and primary school sports. Children can play, compete and practice a wide range of sports including, but not limited to, basketball, football, netball and hockey within the area.

This new playground addition will increase sport participation, develop fundamental movement skills, and inspire children to lead a healthier lifestyle as they develop their love of sport.

A primary school PE lesson taking place on a muga

An exciting Daily Mile Track complete with challenging obstacles


Encompassing the tarmac playground, we installed a fantastic Daily Mile Track. The new track was created using thermoplastic playground markings and features a wide range of activities for the children to complete while they run their daily mile.

To add variation to their daily mile, the track includes the following active markings:

  • Hurdles 
  • Ring Step 
  • Hand Taps 
  • Sprint 
  • Bunny Hops

This entire area has bought the tarmac section of the playground to life and will encourage children to participate in physical activity each day and improve their cardiovascular fitness

A daily mile track made up of thermoplastic playground markings

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Children participating in a PE lesson on a muga