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School Council Meeting with Palfrey Junior School

A fantastic playground discussion with Palfrey's School Council


Our Midlands Outdoor Learning Consultant, Greg Rossiter, attended a School Council meeting at Palfrey Junior School to discuss their new physical development area.

We had already previously met with the school to agree on the exciting developments which would see us update an old and dated Trim Trail and install our magnificent Skiddaw Log Climber. Before installation, we decided to meet with the School Council to explain the plans and to see if the children approve of their new additions.

Greg sat down with the children and walked through the new plans for the playground. He had a set of visuals to show the children examples of how their new physical play zone will look. After viewing the plans, the children’s excitement levels increased and they were fully engaged to learn more about the products.

Pentagon Play School Council Meeting

We explained the physical benefits that the children would gain whilst playing on the Trim Trail and Log Climber. While discussing the new obstacles for the trim trail, Greg asked if the children could guess the skill that they would need to develop to overcome each challenge.

After an in-depth Q&A, Greg took the children outside to explain the development in a practical way. While walking through the area, we began to discuss measurements which was a great way to introduce a mathematical concept.

Greg spoke to the children about the job of the installers while creating the area which fascinated them. We also discussed the timescales and how long it would take to complete a project of this size.

Palfrey Junior School Council Meeting

At the end of the School Council Meeting, we asked the children to tell us about the playground equipment they were most looking forward to playing on. With a new Trim Trail and Log Frame Climber to choose from, the children seemed spoilt for choice. From their feedback, it seemed it was an even split between both products.

We regularly conduct School Council Meetings with schools across the country because we value the input from children. They are always fantastic discussions and always raise engaging debates that the children enjoy. Once the equipment is installed, the children feel a sense of pride because they were involved in the process from the start.

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