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Encouraging Physical Activity at St Paul's CE Primary School!

A Play space Brought to Life at St Paul’s CE Primary School

It was a fantastic opportunity for the Pentagon team to work with staff and pupils of St Paul’s CE Primary School in Bradford.

Experienced Sales Manager, Meg Ragdale, knew exactly how to transform St Paul’s outdoor space into distinct areas that would greatly benefit pupils throughout key stage 1 and 2.

A new outdoor play space created big changes for the lucky pupils at St Paul’s. Physical fitness was a top priority, the children were also given a platform to express themselves and an outdoor classroom to relax in and enjoy their new surroundings.

Get Ready for an Active Adventure at Playtime


Our Wistman’s Forest Trim Trail is a unique course that appeals to a wide range of interests, abilities and age groups. Pupils are transported to the canopy of Wistman’s Wood Forest in Devon as they balance across the tightrope bridge and navigate the beam crossing.

A young girl balancing on the tight rope on in her playground at school

The Trail acts as inspiration for many new imaginative games and encourages problem-solving as children discover how to travel from platform to platform. Should any young adventurers trip or fall as they navigate the course the installation of soft, artificial grass play turf will cushion falls and ensure upmost safety during play.

Pupils at St Paul’s are now continuously active during playtimes, challenging themselves to complete the course whilst improving their strength, coordination and balance.

A whole class balancing on the trim trail within their playground at school

Enjoying Exercise Together


The addition of an outdoor gym allows children to improve their physical fitness and stamina during lessons and playtimes. Pupils at St Paul’s have enjoyed spending time exercising outdoors whilst supporting, encouraging and motivating each other

A young boy riding a bike on the outdoor gym at his primary school

Exercising outdoors is beneficial for children’s mental health and provides an interactive and interesting way for children to burn energy, ensuring they are ready and relaxed for lessons.

Double Air Walkers require pupils to focus on developing their hand-eye coordination skills whilst providing a full cardiovascular workout.

2 young girls playing on a piece of the outdoor gym equipment at the primary school.

A Stage for Rising Stars!

Our Performance Stage is the perfect platform for young learners to express themselves. Performers learn how to engage an audience, project their voices and improvise with their friends.

6 children playing on a performance stage whilst 2 pupils are watching them sat down.

On our return visit to St Paul’s, we were treated to a wonderful rendition of singing and dancing inspired by ‘The Lion King’ musical and a fantastic freestyle rap! Pupils showed great confidence and smiles beamed from ear to ear from both performers and audience members alike.

The addition of a chalkboard can be used to practise writing scripts or lyrics and is extremely useful when designing backdrops.

6 children sat on the edge of the performance stage within their playground

Calm Spaces for Rest and Relaxation

Our Hexagonal Gazebo forms the focal point of St Paul’s peace garden. Children can enjoy sitting and reflecting on one of the five benches, whilst absorbing their beautiful, outdoor surroundings.

Visits to the gazebo can take place during all seasons as the waterproof roof provides shelter from the elements. In the afternoon shade children can gather to discuss lessons, chat with friends or read their latest novel.

A class of children sat in the gazebo at their school

Two Picnic Tables provide playground seating for pupils to form friendships, share jokes and play tabletop games together. Artificial Grass Playturf has brightened the space and provides a soft floor covering that children can comfortably sit on.

It was wonderful to see the pupils of St Paul’s CE Primary School so engaged in the different areas of their new outdoor space. The improved playground really has something for everyone whether that’s an active adventure, improving physical fitness or performing to a crowd!


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5 children sat on picnic tables at their school.