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Stretton Primary School's Exhilarating Active Playground

A Complete Reinvention for the Playground Space for Playtime Adventures


The teaching team at Stretton St Matthew’s were keen to provide their pupils with an exhilarating, dynamic playground space to welcome everyone back to school, after spending time learning at home throughout lockdown.

Our knowledgeable playground consultant, Natalie Richardson, visited the school to plan two areas that would provide challenge and ensure that breaktimes and lunchtimes would be full of active play and excitement. 

The school wanted both infants and juniors to have their own outdoor space for adventurous play so we installed two separate versions of our ever-popular Trim Trail courses.

The ideal trail to start a climbing adventure


Our Infant Trim Trail is perfectly suited to Key Stage 1 pupils. The nine different obstacles provide varying degrees of challenge and appeal to a wide variety of interests. Young adventurers are introduced to balancing skills when making their way across the beam and through the stretch posts.

Hand and core strength is needed to conquer the net and to pull themselves across the tightrope.

six children playing on our trim trail

A favourite part of the course for the infants is the spring plank which requires core strength and co-ordination to complete. Children at Stretton St Matthew’s look like they have been having great fun when learning how to balance together. 

The trail looks eye-catching and appealing in its new home.

two children climbing on the climbing wall on our trim trail

Our Artificial Grass Surfacing really brightens the space and we were able to proudly display the fitting School Vision Statement, ‘Work Together, Aim High, Shine Bright.’ This acts as a brilliant visual reminder to the children of the values they uphold each day. 

two children balancing on our trim trail

Reach for the top of the climber


To allow even more pupils to participate in active play at breaktimes we installed our unique Harter Fell Climber. The triangular climbing frame instantly grabs interest and attention.

three children playing on our pincale climber

There are many access points and multiple ways to travel, climb and pull themselves to the top. The natural looking play grade timber climber is well suited to the beautiful grounds consisting of fields and farms that surround Stretton St Matthew’s

By working together children can overcome challenges and could even transform the frame into their own den. Effective communication is needed to guide each other around the frame and important life skills such as patience, sharing and turn taking are built upon.

a few children playing on our pinacle climbing frame

Taking play to another level with our Junior Trim Trail


Not to be left out, we installed a second Trim Trail to meet the needs of junior pupils. Upper and lower body strength is needed as they scale the climbing wall and balance across the tightrope.

one young boy swinging on our trim trail whilst one young girl watches behind him

A much-loved feature of the course is the swinging log traverse which challenges juniors to use their core strength to stop their feet from slipping off.

Resilience and determination are demonstrated as budding climbers set themselves personal goals. 

four children balancing on our trim trail

Artificial Grass Surfacing was used once again in the area around the trail. The surfacing appeals to all and makes some pupils more inclined to try new equipment for the first time.

The addition of shockpad safety surfacing allows everyone to take safe risks and removes feelings of uncertainty. Pupils often like to sit and gather on our grass surfacing to chat or play imaginative games.

We were thrilled to revolutionise playtimes for learners of all ages at Stretton St Matthew’s. We know the children will continue to work well together and get so much enjoyment from their new active pieces. 

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one young boy ready to step onto the next piece of equipment on our trim trail