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A Perfect Puzzlewood Climber for Willingdon Primary School

Building Confidence and Resilience with a Puzzlewood Forest Circuit

Young students at Willingdon Primary School in Eastbourne are certainly developing a love of physical activity thanks to their excellent EYFS active development.

Our Playground Consultant, Paul Speller, worked with Headteacher, Gemma Roxburgh, to create a space where pupils could lead healthy, active lifestyles and strive for their personal best.

Paul knew that the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit would promote physical activity within the EYFS outdoor space. Pupils are rising to the challenge of the circuit, assessing risks and achieving their goals.

outdoor climbing frame for primary school

Children’s mental health and well-being have been greatly enhanced thanks to the addition of the climber. New friendships have blossomed as pupils work and play co-operatively on their new equipment, learning to take turns with others.

The outdoor space now facilitates learning and play across the EYFS curriculum. Communication and language skills have improved as pupils are keen to talk about particular parts of the circuit and their own achievements. The frame now forms an integral part of children’s games and imaginative play. What will the children create next? Perhaps a pirate ship, train or even a shop!

The Brilliant Puzzlewood Forest Circuit


The Puzzlewood Forest Circuit climbing frame provides a progressive challenge for young learners. There are a variety of obstacles and levels for children to conquer and the structure is big enough for large groups of friends to enjoy playing together.

High- pressure treated timber logs and reinforced ropes form a selection of obstacles that will last for many years to come. A log bridge crossing develops children’s balance and core strength. The zigzag rope balance traverse allows pupils to practise fine motor development as they grip the ropes for support.

A boy climbing through a tunnel net on the climbing frame in their school

A triangular climbing traverse helps pupils to coordinate their body movements and a swinging log crossing requires steady footwork as learners step, swing and regain control.

The wobbly log traverse is fantastic for vestibular development and improving overall physical strength and the stepping log traverse requires creative thinking and problem solving if pupils are to successfully step, hop and jump from one platform to the next.

A favourite obstacle for Willingdon pupils is the net tunnel crossing. Plenty of skill is required as children pull, stretch and slide their bodies through the tunnel. Some clever pupils have even mastered hanging upside down and climbing through the net, Spiderman Style!

2 children climbing on the climbing wall

Staff at Willingdon Primary really listened to children’s wants and needs to provide a circuit that would give students a range of active experiences. Pupils are able to negotiate space and obstacles safely, considering themselves and others.

The area directly underneath the circuit has been made safe by installing our durable Artificial Grass Playturf. The play turf has a beautiful, natural feel which welcomes children into their new active zone.

Our artificial grass is porous and self-draining therefore rain never has to stop playing again! The surfacing provides a lovely spot for friends to sit and socialise or engage with floor-based activities.


On our return visit to Willingdon, pupils couldn’t wait to tell us about their achievements using the course and how much they have improved. They were also confident to explain rules and expectations for the new space. EYFS class teacher, Nikki Hadley commented that “The end product is superb! Children really enjoyed watching the assembly teamwork throughout the construction process.  Pupils wanted to ask the team questions and create drawings of what they could see.”

We hope the active adventurers at Willingdon Primary continue to develop their physical confidence and a love of active, outdoor play.

If you would like to create a space like this in your school then please don't hesitate to get in contact with our friendly outdoor learning consultants here