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Woodheys Primary School's 4G MUGA Pitch

A Fantastic MUGA Pitch with 4G Surfacing


Our Sales Director, Paul Bayliss, worked with Woodheys Primary School in Sale to transform an area of their field into a magnificent, modernised area that would last for many years to come.

Before our development, the school had an existing Multi Use Games Area which had been in place for over 15 years. The previous area had been surfaced with a high maintenance 'rubber infill artificial grass' causing grazed knees.

As you can imagine, the area was quite tired and unexciting as well as causing minor injuries during sporting activities. Along with the run-down surfacing, the area had dense fencing which did not allow the staff to supervise the children appropriately.

We have transformed the area with a high-quality, long lasting MUGA, generating a vibrant space, which has been re-energised with children participating in sporting activities once again.

Sport Pitch For Schools

The area has created an amazing, all-weather place for sporting activities including football, netball, basketball, hockey and many more sports. As the MUGA Pitch has excellent drainage, it can be accessed all year round without becoming waterlogged, muddy or dangerous for the children…

No more ‘sorry children, it’s raining, we can’t go outside’

MUGA For Schools

As the perfect investment, the school are on their way to further developing their sporting legacy and promoting a healthy lifestyle to their young children; they are able to experience a range of different sporting activities while practising and mastering their techniques and ability in their chosen sports.

The transformation of the area has been a great addition to the school’s grounds and the children are extremely happy with their new MUGA Pitch. Playtimes and PE lessons are well looked forward to and enjoyed each week too!

4G Sport Surfacing

4G Sport Surfacing


The school now have the latest non-infill 4G Sports Surfacing along with improved mesh sports fencing, allowing teachers to supervise the area. This benefits safeguarding as the fencing is transparent, creating a good visual area for supervision.

Other children can easily sit and watch their peers play a game; younger children would be excited to watch the older children, inspiring to be as good as them.

Multi Use Games Area

The refreshed multi use games area is just that. With basic line markings including a half way line, the area can be split into two pitches allowing multiple different games to take place at once such as netball, hockey and football.

The red and blue recessed goal ends help mark out exactly where the goals are and form an easy way to distinguish teams while producing a vibrant, exciting area for the school. In the past, schools have mentioned how simple it is to divide the children into teams and begin playing with these fantastic goal ends.

MUGA Pitch

An amazing project achieved through dedicated fundraising 


When the school decided to begin looking at this exciting project, funding was a small issue, like it is in many schools across the country.

The Manchester school are lucky enough to have a fantastic Parent Teacher Association who helped raise the money needed to revamp the area.

Putting together the kind funds from the PTA, part of their Sports Premium Fund and a small amount of their own budget, they were able to comfortably afford this unbelievable area for their children.

Multi Use Games Area

Pentagon Play have been building incredible Multi Use Games Areas for over 20 years. Our Multi Use Games Areas can be designed and installed exactly to your requirements and Pentagon Play manage the entire process from design through to installation. If you’d like to arrange a free consultation, please feel free to Contact Us by completing our Online Form.