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A Fantastic Physical Environment for Woodheys Primary School

The Customer

Woodheys Primary School in Cheshire encourages all children to fulfil their academic potential.

Pupil are provided with experiences that build curiosity and enable them to become life-long learners.

The school wanted to extend their broad range of exciting outdoor learning opportunities to build on children’s physical development within KS2.

a birdseye view of the delamere forest climber

Their Objectives

Woodheys Primary wanted to dedicate an area of their extensive school grounds to active play where pupils could develop their personal, physical and mental growth.

Experienced Playground Consultant, Tom Hollingworth, was able to suggest key pieces that would challenge learners whilst encouraging communication and collaboration.

Our Approach

The large Delamere Forest Circuit was the climber of choice for Woodheys Primary. This fantastic frame contains numerous obstacles to develop children’s strength and gross motor skills. The open-ended nature of the piece allows pupils to make choices and set their own goals. Calculated risks have been taken as learners swing and flip using the grip ropes and navigate their way across the log balance weaver.

children play on the climbing equipment

Safermats have been placed underneath all of the new active pieces which help to minimise playground injuries. This surfacing option is made from durable rubber providing a non-slip surface, allowing children to take some risks. Safermats offer a natural look and feel as over time grass can grow through them.

The Forest Monkey Bars with Step up Logs have certainly proven popular with playground explorers. Monkey bars are a fantastic active playground addition for improving hand-eye coordination, core strength and general fitness.

children spin around on the roll over bars

The final high quality, natural timber piece chosen by Woodheys Primary was our Forest Roll Over Bars. Pupils have enjoyed stimulating their senses by hanging, spinning and rocking.

Roll Over Bars develop the vestibular system allowing children to gain an understanding of body positioning and balance. Motion play also helps pupils to develop muscular strength and endurance.

children stand on the stepping logs and build their climbing skills

The Results

Woodheys Primary School have created a healthy, happy space for active play and exercise. Pupils report positive playground experiences where skills such as: confidence, resilience, self-awareness and self-control have improved.

It was a pleasure to work with Woodheys to create a large, interesting active space for children to develop their gross motor skills.

a shot of the delamere forest circuit with children playing on it

There are now plenty of opportunities for swinging, spinning, rocking and hanging upside down which stimulate vestibular development.

We hope pupils continue to challenge themselves, take risks and engage in physical play all year round!