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Worthington Primary School's Daily Mile Track

A Vibrant Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track


Our Sales Director, Paul Bayliss, met with Worthington Primary School to design an exciting, new and versatile daily mile track for the children to use.

The daily mile track is ideal for encouraging children to become fit and active and to incorporate at least 20 minutes of exercise daily (approximately the length of a mile) in line with the government initiative.

Over the course of a couple of weeks, our hard-working operations team supplied and installed a 230 metres long Daily Mile Track, made from lively, deluxe artificial grass.

It was laid around the perimeter of the field and blends well with the neighbouring grass, whilst also delivering a bright and distinct outline for children to use.

We created two entry and exit points in the circuit. The width of the track is 1.3 metres, which is appropriate for children to exercise side-by-side with their friends, or to promote healthy competition by allowing enough room for children to overtake when running.

Artificial Grass Daily Mile Track

The location of the track is ideal as children can use the daily mile track at the same time as those playing football, or using the multi-use games field harmoniously, without creating congestion and interrupting each other.

Whether the spirited kids choose to use it at the start of school, during break-times, lunch times or after school to release some pent-up energy, it brings a vibrant, focused zone for children to walk, run or skip the length of a mile.

Daily Mile Track for Schools

The track can also inspire others when observing friends and classmates using the pathway. Worthington Primary School can set up daily mile track challenges to encourage children to improve their personal bests, or beginners could break the daily mile track into small challenges, with each week aiming to run, walk or skip to a certain point.

As fitness increases, self-confidence will too. 

Daily Mile Track

Our multi-use and adaptable daily mile track can be used as part of PE lessons too and need not be limited to playtimes.

Children can use it as part of a competition on sports day, or during warm-up sessions before a game of football, netball or hockey: it can be used all-year-round, in all seasons.

As it is made of  Artificial Grass, children can use it frequently without the school having to worry about constant up-keep or the associated mess that comes with running on wet, natural grass. 

tracks for the daily mile

Research shows an increase in physical activity can have positive effects on mood, behaviour and concentration in class.

The bouncing children at Worthington Primary School have been inspired to channel their energy into physical activities and have been using it on a frequent basis. The school are happy with the result: a lovely, bright daily mile circuit, which impeccably complements their existing playground.

If you are looking to install a daily mile track to inspire your school children to get active and build life-long fitness habits, please Contact Us for expert guidance. View our range of Daily Mile Tracks here. 

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