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The Benefits of a Secret Garden Gazebo

Learning and Nature Interwind with a Secret Garden Gazebo

Deep in the garden, wonderful things can be found and marvellous lessons can come to life…

A Secret Garden Gazebo creates an immersive environment between learning and nature, whilst bringing the extensive benefits beautiful plants bring.

A child drawing on our giant chalk board

A classroom full of children who are more attentive and able to concentrate, whilst boosting productivity and positivity amongst pupils are just a few of the glorious advantages learning amongst nature presents to your primary pupils.

Consequently, with the multiple advantages nature can bring to your children, our secret garden gazebo can be the perfect space to create a secret social space, an immersive outdoor classroom or a base for forest school activities…

What exactly does our secret garden gazebo feature that makes it so desirable?

a side view of our secret garden gazebo

Learning Amongst Nature in your Playground

A dreamy outdoor classroom, with much more included than our standard outdoor gazebos, the secret garden gazebo inspires children’s imaginations as they work surrounded by nature.

Here are 3 fabulous features that our marvellous Secret Garden Gazebo brings to your playground. 

A view of children sat in our Secret Garden Gazebo


Integrated Benches - Plenty of Seating for all

Featuring benefits along the perimeter of the fenced sides, there are plenty of seats for little ones to sit on and relax as they smell the delightful scents of the flowers around them and concentrate on the lesson in hand.

Moreover, due to the hexagonal shape of the outdoor classroom, it's perfect for sitting and chatting with friends whilst eating lunch or simply getting away from the busy hustle and bustle of the playground. a girl looking at the flowers around the secret garden gazebo


Chalkboard - A Dreamy Space for Outdoor Lessons

At the rear of the dreamy space, there’s a huge chalkboard for teachers and students to scribble and draw on.

Whether it is part of free play or a lesson, there’s plenty of space for ideas and information to be presented.children gardening around the outside of the secret garden gazeboA thriving learning atmosphere is created as children engage with key topics within the curriculum.

Furthermore, the chalkboard is in a central space so that every child sat around can clearly see the information being written.

Secret Garden Gazebo
Secret Garden Gazebo

Secret Garden Gazebo

Intertwine learning and nature in a magical space where plants can grow and children can flourish.

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Integrated Planters - Plants and Knowledge Grow over Time

Surrounding the gazebo, seven planters run all the way around the space with a beautiful trellis arbour to create an entrance worthy of your little gardeners.

Planting seeds, plants and bulbs in each of the planters, little ones can watch as the plants flourish over time and carefully climb the trellis panels, weaving and winding through the timber squares to fill the space.

a birds eye view of our secret garden gazebo

This enables plenty of natural play opportunities for the children as they watch the seeds they planted become beautiful flowers or yummy vegetables.

Moreover, children become proud of the space they’ve created as they learn more about the plant lifecycle and different kinds of plants.

a side view of ou secret garden gazebo

Adding drainpipes and a water butt, children can take it in turns to ensure that their plants are getting enough rainwater every day, taking their watering cans out to the water butt and independently watering the plants. 

Enhance your children’s sensory experience in the playground with a concoction of various aromatic plants and edible treats such as lavender, jasmine, rosemary, mint and sage.

Whether you want to raise environmental awareness, boost attainment through outdoor learning or create a base for your school forest area, our Secret Garden Gazebo is a fabulous addition to inject nature and provide extensive benefits to your children.