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Climbing Frames and Free Trees For Schools

Leading Log Climbers, Fabulous Forest Circuits and Free Trees for Schools!

Do your pupils love to climb?

2019 was definitely a year for climbing! Our Log Climber and Forest Circuits ranges were in high demand. We were delighted to install them in so many of the wonderful primary schools and nurseries that we had the pleasure of working with across the country.

Playground Climbing Frames For Schools

Now we’re really looking forward to our new installations already booked in for 2020! If you’re new to our range of climbing frames, you can view them all in more detail here.

We have carefully designed each of our products to create an inclusive variety of options suitable for all children, from EYFS through to KS2.

Outdoor Play Equipment for Nurseries

  • Our inspiring Log Climber Frames start with the smaller, intriguingly intertwining EYFS Pinnacle Hill Climber, and become gradually more complex through to our magnificent Crinkle Crags Climber for Key Stage 2. You can add fun features for additional movement such as a slide, platform or fireman’s pole.
  • Our Sensory Circuits Alerting Frame has been designed to offer children with Special Education Needs a stimulating and therapeutic space to self-regulate, and enjoy physical exercise and heavy work activities.

School Playground Climbing Frames

  • Our three elaborate Forest Circuits are inspired by Delamere Forest, Grizedale Forest and Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean -  and are unique in their ability to accommodate a whole class at any one time for high-level climbing challenges! Children will need to think logically and problem-solve as they move to successfully make their way around the circuit.
  • If you have a large outdoor space and you’re looking for something more bespoke, take a look at our incredible Tree House that we can wrap around trees - definitely one for letting children’s imaginations run wild!

Tree Houses for Primary Schools

All of our beautifully built climbing frames are crafted mainly from high-pressure treated natural timber logs and reinforced ropes, mapping out a series of pathways and platforms for children to navigate at different levels.

Each one offers remarkable climbing opportunities, with something to captivate and challenge everyone according to their needs. 

Whether you are looking to add an exciting new feature to build on your existing outdoor learning provision, or to introduce a central show-stopper as a focal point to encourage children to engage in their playground, our climbing frames certainly provide opportunities to get them moving!

School Climbing Frames

An important feature of each of our climbing frames is that they are designed to be open-ended, offering non-prescriptive climbing features with multiple crossing points and flexible entry and exit points.

This encourages children to climb to a level they are comfortable with, building their confidence gradually, allowing them to safely test their own boundaries and learn how to safely assess and manage risk and enjoy their physical play.

School Playground Climbing Frames

This is a huge boost when it comes to satisfying OFSTED requirements for getting all children physically active and engaged, outdoors, during PE and playtimes.

An outdoor PE lesson on our climbing frames can support children in practising all the essential body movement patterns required for developing physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

Primary School Climbing Frames

They will learn body management: the ability to balance the body both in stillness and in motion.

They will need to use each part of their body in different ways, using different techniques to navigate their way around the frames - stepping and balancing, stretching and reaching, gripping and grasping, pulling and pushing, hanging, swinging and jumping.

It’s brilliant because they’re exercising, supported in developing gross and fine motor skills, improving balance, proprioception, strength and core stability and having a great time to boot.

Climbing Frames for Primary Schools

If you’re already enjoying your Forest Circuits, why not go a step further and plant some beautiful trees in your new playground? It’s easy to do.

A great way to set the forest scene, provide a brilliant natural resource for learning and help look after the environment, too.

Climbing Frames for Primary Schools

The Woodland Trust are currently giving away hundreds of thousands of trees to schools and communities and are now taking applications for free trees to be delivered in November 2020.

This link to their website provides details of the scheme, and how to apply.

Would you like us to install a climbing feature in your school playground? At Pentagon, we have been creating incredible playgrounds for schools and nurseries for over 20 years. To arrange a free playground consultation with one of our education experts, please Contact Us Here.