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Introducing Our New Forest Trim Trail Range

Taking Trim Trails To The Next Level... Our New Forest Trail Range Is Here!

It’s here! Feast your eyes on the Forest Trail. Brand new, breathtaking and built for the brave and bold, this is the big one we’ve been working on and waiting for - and we can’t wait to share it with you!

Our new Forest Trail range takes Trim Trails to the next level. Inspired by popular treetop adventures, it’s designed to deliver all their action-packed, adrenaline-fuelled excitement, and their multitude of motivating mental and physical challenges, directly to your school playground.

Jaw-dropping, eye-popping - outdoor education just got a whole lot more exciting, and the children are going to love it!

Children playing on a pentagon play forest trim trail

Inspired by treetop adventures...

The Forest Trail range features 45 individual challenge pieces for you to choose from, all installed at ground level (no harness required!), so we can build a unique climbing trail that is tailored to suit your specific requirements and to fit your outdoor space perfectly.

Wibble over a wobbly bridge, weave through zig-zag ropes and logs, balance over beams, tightrope your way through a drop-rope crossing, jump across stepping-logs and suspended platforms, crawl through a crevice, swing through the sky or brave a mountain-climbing bouldering wall - it’s all there for the fearless adventurers, the thrill-seekers, and the cautious climbers who are finding their forest feet!

Child balancing on trim trail equipment

Climb, balance and traverse through the trees

Our innovative Forest Trail range is specifically designed to target core and upper-body physical development in primary-age children, while continuing to support the lower-body physical development that all of our Trim Trails focus on.

With a mixture of moving and stationary log, rope and platform challenge pieces, varying in level of difficulty and height - from items under 0.6m to items as high as 1.9m - it’s suitable for all Key Stages, and able to satisfy a broad and brilliant range of learning outcomes for Physical Education.

Two children moving across a pentagon play forest trim trail

Any PE or playtime session on a Forest Trail will be hugely exciting and rewarding for children.

Providing a fantastic opportunity to be active outdoors, children can learn to climb individually, but also to work together to help each other overcome their fears and complete the trail.

A child balancing on a trim trail balance beam

Playtime will never be the same again... 

The Forest Trail range is uniquely designed with elements that will allow children to:

  • Move across curved and kinetic surfaces as well as flat and stationary platforms - thinking carefully about where to place their feet, which parts of their feet to use to find their balance, and how to use their core to balance.
  • Work their upper bodies and develop fine motor skills using ropes or monkey bars to grab and grasp, to hang and swing from, to stretch their bodies and pull themselves into position.
  • Weave between parts, twisting and turning as they balance. Some parts will allow them to use their arms, hands, legs or feet to turn their body around entirely, or to move backwards to move across the course successfully.
  • Attempt pieces that set multiple challenges, perhaps reaching up high to grasp a rope to move along, while balancing from one stepping log to another, contemplating force and effort required and taking a brave first step, all at the same time!
  • Tackle zig-zag line elements that become more or less challenging as they traverse across the section.
  • Find different ways of navigating tunnels, whether climbing, crawling or sliding through, or balancing on top of them.
  • Climb up, over and down log, rope and climbing wall panels - some gently angled and some vertical.
  • Charge across clatter bridges and chimney climbs (options with or without handrails) - they will need the right combination of speed, balance and coordination and the ability to judge distance - think Ninja Warrior!

2 children climbing on a pentagon play forest trim trail climbing wall

Challenges like this are incredibly beneficial in helping children to build their confidence, both physically and mentally: facing their fears, tackling problems, assessing and managing risk, developing their resilience, improving their physical strength, balance, motor skills, agility and overall fitness, and having fun!

2 children walking across a trim trail tightrope bridge

What would your forest trail include? 

If you would like to focus on specific challenges, or specific areas of the curriculum for development, we can help you to select the best challenge pieces with which to build your Forest Trail, so that it’s tailored to meet your pupils’ needs.

Layout options are flexible - a straight line, a loop around the field, twisting through the trees, it’s up to you. The layout itself is part of the fun, taking children on a journey around their outdoor environment.

Children playing on a pentagon play forest trim trail

Whether they choose to follow their Forest Trail from end to end, or to start or finish somewhere in the middle and build their strength, skill and courage as they go - the choice is really theirs.

Children balancing on a wobbly bridge on a trim trail

Exhilarating, extraordinary, no limits - the sense of achievement and self-belief your pupils will experience from tackling their Forest Trail is unbeatable!

Would your school like to join in the action? We’d love to show you more! 

Please do Contact Us Here for a detailed specification. We are very much open and we have developed new ways to conduct playground consultations safely in these difficult times.