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An Active Play Area at Gloucester Road Primary School

The Customer

At Gloucester Road Primary School, they aim to provide their children with a safe and secure environment for learning, that will encourage a life-long love of learning within their pupils.

Part of creating a safe and inviting environment for pupils is having high-quality and exciting play equipment for your pupils to explore.

That was why Gloucester Road Primary contacted Pentagon Play to begin developing their area.

school children playing on trim trail

The Objectives

Gloucester Road was very open to ideas for the space, and all they requested was some nice and vibrant Artificial Grass Playturf.

Other than this, the school was very open to Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, designing the area and engaging her creativity to identify and target their needs!

active play development with artificial grass playturf

Our Approach

Nicole tried to think practically about your space so that the outdoor area is multi-use whether it's used for teaching and learning or as a place for children to enjoy during break times and lunchtimes.

Whilst endeavouring to make the provision unique, Nicole designed the separate areas to engage all interests, needs, age groups and abilities to ensure that we have reflected the priorities you have for the space. 

This design also incorporates areas of all-weather Playturf Deluxe Artificial Grass to create different pockets of 'fields' across the playground to ensure all weather accessibility.

There were long thought-processes that went into designing this area, and the finished results show just how effective all of the decisions were.

children playing football on school sports pitch

The Results

Nicole has now created a fantastic new space at Gloucester Road Primary School.

The first stage of the design was to bring in the one essential element that the school specified, Artificial Grass Playturf. This provides a safety surfacing throughout, meaning any tumbles the pupils take will have a cushioned surface to protect them.

This zone also features a Multi-Sport Running Track where pupils can build their physical skills, become more confident and explore their athleticism. This feature has multiple lanes where pupils can compete with one another and build their competitive natures.

school children running on multi-sport running track

This space also has a range of trim trail items, placed together to create a bespoke trim trail.

This includes:

children climbing on trim trail

This Trim Trail now offers plenty of space for pupils to explore without having to queue and wait as pupils can join at any point of the trail. With a variety of entry and exit points, pupils can challenge themselves as they choose which element to attempt, and which they don’t enjoy.

A final addition to the space is the Bowfell Climber, where pupils can build their problem-solving skills as they navigate the climber as they go along. With hand-holding ropes hanging from the top of the climber, children can build their upper strength as they walk along, supporting themselves.

This has been an excellent and exciting project for Nicole to work on and we’re so proud of this space.

children climbing up the Bowfell Climber

If you’d like to create a bespoke trim trail of your own, see of Individual Trim Trail items now.

Or, Contact Our Team today and speak to them about the options for your space…