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An Active Play Extravaganza for Little Ripley Day Nurseries

Active Play for Any Age

A Pleasure to See You Again

After previously working with other nurseries as part of the Little Ripley Day Nurseries Organisation, they contacted Pentagon Play again for further redevelopment at another one of their nurseries in Sutton Coldfield.

Our Sales Manager, Greg Rossiter, was delighted to meet with them once more and begin a design that suited all the requirements of the pupils, parents, and teachers at Little Ripley.

Looking to replace their tired surfacing to revitalise the playground, our team designed a stunning Wetpour and Playturf design that would accompany the active play area that they desired for their nursery pupils!

a child scoots along a black wetpour roadway on an orange scooter wearing a red shirt

It’s a Wetpour World

Wishing to combine safety and super cool designs, Pentagon designed a black and eggshell Wetpour Roadway with lines and splashes for extra authenticity.

The pupils of Little Ripley can now scoot around the roadway, practicing their road safety skills, developing their physical abilities on the bikes and trikes and incorporate role play into their break time.

a child scooting along the black wetpour roadway not looking at the camera

This impact-absorbing surface not only looks good on the playground, but it also provides that extra safety layer by increasing the critical fall protection height, meaning any bumps and tumbles are now cushioned!

However, this isn’t the only surfacing that Little Ripley added to their play space.

Revitalising their play space with our vibrant forest green Artificial Grass Playturf gives this area a new life, looking fresh all year round and creating an inviting environment for the pupils to enjoy!

a birdseye view of the surfacing redevelopment showing green artificial grass surfacing and black roadway with egg shell lines and features

Messy Play Central

Expanding their messy play offering for their pupils, Little Ripley desired both a Sand Table with Lid and a Water Table with Lid!

Messy Play is an extremely beneficial form of play for children as it gives them the freedom and creativity to experiment using their imaginations and learning about the world around them.

children gathered around the water table playing with construction toys in the tray

Playing with water and sand and watching how different materials move and behave is massively impactful on how children understand the world, and this makes messy play invaluable.

Additionally, adding the lids to the tables means that the items can be covered when not in use and are appropriate for year-round use. Rain is not an issue when the tables can be covered to keep play safe until the weather passes!

two little boys playing with the sand in the sand table with lid

Hilltop Fun

Wishing to encourage imaginative and creative play, Little Ripley asked Pentagon for ideas for fun and unique products that their pupils would love!

Pentagon Play was happy to offer them both the Climb Through Tunnel Hill and Hill Den, two products that allow all pupils to have their very own hobbit-inspired fun.

two little boys underneath the little hill top den peeking through the window with binoculars

The lookout windows of the Hill Den give little ones the opportunity to peek through and look at the sky above, they can even practice using binoculars!

As part of their active play movement, the nursery was delighted to have the climb through tunnel hill that encourages all kinds of activity such as crawling, running, and jumping!

a child crawls through the green climb through tunnel in the climb through tunnel hill with artificial grass topping

It’s Time to Get Set, Go!

To complete their active play facilities, Little Ripley are now home to the Get Set, Go! Blocks- The Mendips Set – our second largest Get Set, Go! Offering and an amazing active play set up for nursery pupils!

Complete with steps, slopes and mini bridges, The Mendips Set challenges pupils to build their climbing confidence as they develop their gross motor skills.

children crossing the get set, go! blocks on the artificial grass surfacing

The route can be customised each day as the blocks are moveable and they can even be accessorised with features of your own using the unique Mark-Making Panels!

children cross the mendips set get set, go blocks

It was wonderful having the opportunity to continue our work with Little Ripley Day Nurseries and we hope this development serves them and their pupils well!

two children standing on top of the climb through tunnel hill

If you too would like to expand your active play offering in your nursery area, then please Contact Us Here

Or, if you’re still looking for inspiration, feel free to take a look at some of our Other Projects in Birmingham!

children sit on the climb through tunnel hill and pose for a photo