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An Astonishing Active Play Transformation

An Astonishing Active Play Transformation

Often, when schools have a tired and worn playground space that seems to be a permanent fixture on their premises, they find it hard to envision any kind of transformation.

When Culworth CofE Primary School were looking to revamp their old play space, they contacted Pentagon for some guidance.

Paired with Outdoor Learning Consultant, Nicole Fairman, they worked together to craft the ultimate Active Play transformation for their pupils, looking at which products would suit their learning needs best and how the area could be suitable for all ages and abilities.


It’s a Bowfell Bonanza!

Looking to provide a safe and well-structured area for climbing, Culworth opted for the Bowfell Timber Climbing Frame with Shockpads below for that extra safety insurance.

Climbing has an abundance of benefits for our little learners, including spatial awareness, problem solving and motor skills as they navigate the safest and most accessible route available to them.

a birdseye view of the bowfell climber being used by children with green artificial grass playturf below for padding

Climbing also allows children to navigate the world of risk-taking as they evaluate the dangers around them as they climb.

Letting our children or our pupils climb can be a very scary thing for both parents and teachers as the fear of them falling is ever-present!

However, the benefits are extraordinary and with our incredible safety surfacing and soundly built timber climber, it has never been easier to let them explore this big, wide world!

children in blue and white school uniform play on the timber bowfell climbing frame with green artificial grass playturf beneath it

Pull yourself to the top!

With our Individual Trim Trail Item selection, you can customise your very own playground features by adding items that you feel will benefit your pupils the best!

children hang upside down on the pullup bars with artificial grass playturf beneath

Culworth chose to add a set of Pull Up Bars for their pupils, giving them an ideal Active Play opportunity whilst also providing them with the facilities to test their upper arm strength.

Whilst we do offer a full range of pre-customised Forest Trim Trails, you also have the option to create a bespoke design with individual items suited to your pupils needs!

a view of the empty rollover bars with clean and fresh artificial green playturf below

Accessorise the Area

Looking to add some more engaging features to their playground for their little inquisitive pupils, Culworth CofE Primary School added some stylish Bow Top Timber Fencing and Sleeper Planters!

Getting into the gardening mood with their Sleeper Planters, Culworth pupils can now grow their own flowers and vegetables, getting them in touch with the world around them!

a view of the newly completed sleeper sides created a sleeper planter by the edge of the playzone

The Timber Fencing makes for a lovely addition to, providing a secure zoned area for play where teachers and parents can be sure their children are extra safe!

Having that safe environment means less worries for all!

the side view of the timber bow top fencing and the artificial grass

If this stunning project has inspired you to transform your tired area, then Contact Us for a free consultation!

Or, take a look at more projects in the area via our Oxfordshire Projects Page!

a birdseye view of the completed projct with the bowfell climber, the artificial grass playturf and the bow top timber fencing with the sleeper planter sides