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Brownlow Fold’s Puzzlewood Forest Circuit

Our New Puzzlewood Forest Circuit Is Ready For Play!

Our sales director, Paul Bayliss, was enthusiastic to work with Brownlow Fold Primary School, in Bolton, to develop an exciting playground project.

The school wanted equipment to challenge their children both physically and mentally that could be used by a whole class at the same time. With that in mind, our sales director offered the school the chance to test and try a brand new product… the Puzzlewood Forest Circuit Climbing Frame.

From the same family of active play products as the Grizedale Forest Circuit Climbing Frame, it is a breath-taking, energetic, natural climbing frame that raises excitement levels of the children since it is so unique.

Although it is not as humongous as the Grizedale, it still features a number of different challenges that not only promotes the development of physical skills such as upper and lower body strength, balance, coordination, fine and gross motor skills, it also enhances children’s communication, language and social skills.

The smaller frame has worked really well for the school as it fits in perfectly with the surrounding area without taking up too much of the playground, leaving other children plenty of space to run around and play.

Puzzlewood Forest Circuit Climbing Frame

The climbing frame is crafted predominantly out of high-pressure treated, timber logs and reinforced ropes, that create a series of pathways for children to navigate. And there is no limit to the number of trails the children have to travel!

The obstacles ensure the children can step and balance, reach and stretch, grip and grasp, pull and push, hang and swing, climb and jump. It’s a fantastic piece of kit, which the children can use to achieve an all body workout.

It allows them to use every part of their body to develop both fine and gross motor skills, improve their balance, proprioception, strength and core stability.

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With any amazing, high-level climbing frame such as this one, safety surfacing is a must. To ensure surfacing for a soft landing if needed, we installed it onto our vibrant Artificial Grass Playground Surfacing, which we have designed to be robust for the footfall and traffic of a school playground.

Not only does it provide an impact absorbing cushioning for falls, reducing the risk of injury, it also allows the area to be used all year round as it doesn’t become slippery or muddy.

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It’s a safe environment for the children, where they can take safe risks as they can get on and off wherever they like due to the open-endedness, test their own boundaries and climb to their limits without being pushed too far or do anything they don’t want to do.

If you’re also a school or nursery looking for something special to improve your outdoor play, learning and/or sports provision and you want the peace of mind that it will be designed, manufactured and installed by professionals who care about and enjoy what they do, then please do Contact Us. Your can also view our huge selection of Climbing Frames for Schools that are suitable for Preschool to KS2 children!

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