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Playground Adventures at Downsview Primary and Nursery School

The Customer

Downsview Primary and Nursery School is a diverse and thriving school with a real sense of community. The London based school aim to nurture the whole child – body, mind and spirit and with this as a top priority wanted to make improvements to their infant playground.

children cross the stepping log traverse building their climbing confidence as they go

Their Objectives

Downsview Primary are committed to ensuring pupils are fit, healthy and active learners. The school wanted to dedicate an area of their outdoor play space to physical activity. New equipment needed to entice and challenge pupils, targeting key skills such as balance and coordination.

the key stats for the project

Our Approach

Together with her teaching team, Senior Assistant Headteacher Nikki Gray decided upon our Creggan Forest Trim Trail. This trail instantly appeals to pupils who feel as though they are navigating through a forest canopy!

The trail consists of six different obstacles which will improve children’s strength and agility.

three children climb on the horizontal climbing wall and traverse their way across with skill

The course begins with an essential feature to develop balancing skills – The Incline Beam Crossing. Next up is the Zigzag Log Bridge Crossing which requires careful foot placement and large gross motor movements.

A Wobbly Log Traverse is fantastic for stimulating the vestibular sense as children develop grip strength. Mini Balance Beams link obstacles so that pupils can complete the entire course without stepping foot on the floor – or indeed the lava, water or dense jungle below!

children cross the wobbly log traverse building their strength and coordination

Budding circus performers will conquer the Step Rope Traverse as they hold, hang and twist through the ropes. Last but not least, the highly favoured Slalom Weave Traverse encourages control of movements whilst problem solving.

To further enhance their trail Downsview Primary added a Double- Sided Horizontal Climbing Wall Traverse to the beginning of the course. Pupils have been busy learning how to grip and grasp the handholds, motivating each other to make it across.

Artificial Grass Playturf has been fitted directly onto the playground floor with the use of secure rubber edging. Playturf gives a natural feel and provides a safe, cushioned, contrasting surface for children to explore.

a child crosses a rope traverse on the new creggan forest trail

The Results

Pupils at Downsview Primary really appreciate their new trail. They are keen to participate in physical activity every day and enjoy collaborating with their peers. There has been an increase in pupil well-being and self-esteem as confidence and ability have improved.

It was wonderful to create this key piece which will support many KS1 pupils for years to come. Learners are certainly embracing the school’s core values of cooperation, resilience, trust and respect when using their new equipment.

three pupils cross the double-sided horizontal climbing wall

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