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EYFS Playground Redesign At Thrybergh Primary

A Captivating Playground Design For Thrybergh Primary's Lucky EYFS Children


What a wonderful start to school life for the Foundation Stage children at Thrybergh Primary in Rotherham!

They’re beginning their school journey with a fantastic new, all-singing, all-dancing, multi-functional playground to enjoy.

We worked with the South Yorkshire primary school to help them fulfill the incredible potential of all the space they have to offer their pupils.

Being able to section off an area of their grounds with our Bow Top Timber Fencing and Swinging Gate meant we were able to completely reinvent the space to create a dedicated oasis of outdoor learning and explorative, active play for their youngest children.

school playground fencing

Setting the stage for an intriguing play space to explore


Before the installation could begin, we cleared out all the old fencing and prepared the ground ready for the new playground.

We began with some bold new all-weather Playground Surfacing, setting the stage for an intriguing new space to explore.

playground dens for early years

Our Playturf Deluxe Artificial Grass throughout, interspersed with a Wetpour roadway with fun speed bumps for children to follow, parking bays for their vehicles, “splash puddles” to jump in, and a bright yellow “beach” for messy and water play, creates a beautiful “real world” feel for the children to discover.

We landscaped the area to create a flat, even space to run around in, but with sculpted playground mounds with different levels for children to climb or roll up and down, and develop their motor control.

before and after photo of Thrybergh Primary School's EYFS playground

A fun and challenging active play zone


Thrybergh Primary School have been awarded a South Yorkshire Distinction School Games Award for their ongoing commitment and achievement in the School Games programme during the 2019/20 academic year.

They encourage their children to be active from an early age, and we know that this new climbing zone will play a crucial part in helping them to achieve that.

EYFS Climbing Frames

Our Pinnacle Hill Climber is a superb introductory climber for EYFS children to develop their independence and build their climbing confidence.

It’s great fun and has lots of flexible entry and exit points so they can play on it any which way they choose.

Pentagon Play's Pinnacle Hill Climbing Frame

Alongside this we installed a Net Traverse, a Clatter Bridge and a Walk and Stretch for new active adventures that will help children to develop their core strength and stability, as well as their gross and fine motor skills.

School playground trim trails

Our ever-popular Get Set, Go! Blocks complete this zone, and the children love using them to create their own obstacle course challenges.

Close up photo of Pentagon Play's Get Set, Go! Blocks

A place for imaginative play, den making and quiet reflection.


We’ve developed a stunning new Lookout Cabin, and we were really excited to install this at Thrybergh Primary for the children to use as a den-making and playhouse resource.

It looks so inviting tucked in under the trees - a great space for imaginative play and a quiet, creative and contemplative break from the busier playground zones.

Pentagon Play's lookout cabin

Next to the Lookout Cabin we installed a Bug Hotel with individual pods.

The children can plant sensory herbs and flowers on the roof, and fill it with all sorts of natural items they have collected from around the school grounds, to make a welcoming home for mini beasts.

Pentagon Play's Bug Hotel in a section of the EYFS playground

They’re looking forward to seeing who comes to visit, and learning more about the natural world around them through this fabulous feature!

Bug hotels for school playgrounds

Outdoor Literacy Area


We used a wooden Trellis Screen to create a natural boundary for a designated outdoor literacy space.

Staff have the option to train flowering plants to grow up it, or to allow children to use it for threading and weaving activities, or for displaying their themed artwork on sunny days.

playhouses for school playgrounds

There’s a Storytelling Chair for readers to sit tall, and 5 Small Moveable Artificial Grass-Topped Seat for listeners to sit comfortably before they begin. The perfect place to discover the joy of reading!

We included an Easel Table with a whiteboard for mark-making activities.

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Playground seating surrounded by wet pour surfacing and artificial grass

Creative space for music and den making


Based on Peruvian Cajon Drums, our Drum Seats include a built-in snare, and create fantastic sounds for children to enjoy music in their playground.

They’re an ideal resource for learning counting and rhythm, and developing teamwork and communication skills - and of course everyone can join the band!

Drum Seats for Schools

We installed 5 of our Den Making Posts in the creative area.

They’re made with totem holes and grooves for children to thread, weave and get creative with their den building ideas, developing fine motor control and problem solving skills as they work.

Drum Seats in-between Den Making Posts within the playground

Water, sand and construction area


A fundamental part of EYFS learning, messy play and water play is a huge feature of the new setting at Thrybergh Primary.

A Water Wall with Water Play Package is a hive of activity and investigative STEM learning, as the children are plotting their own courses for the water to travel and experimenting with gravity and kinetic energy.

Water Walls for Primary Schools

A Mud Kitchen with Mud Box is proving to be a favourite place for cooking up a sensory storm - combined with a Sand Table, Tuff Spot Table and Construction Table, little hands can be kept busy all day crafting, creating, and learning so much about the world they live in.

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Water Wall on top of artificial grass surfacing

The school have commented on how lovely it is to see the children playing so well together in their playground, and they’ve had lots of positive comments from parents who think it looks brilliant! It’s really wonderful to see them outside enjoying the fresh air and having fun as they learn.

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A drone photo of Pentagon Play's entire EYFS playground design